Calendar of main Festivals in Ma Anandamayi’s
Ashram (Kankhal) including other Hindu festivals,

31st Jan-6th February: Samyam Saptah

31st January -6th February Samyam Saptah at Bhimpura Ashram, near Chandod, Gujarat
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4th March Sivarathri

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21st March Holi

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13th April Ram Navami

Ram Navami
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19th April Hanuman Jayanthi

Hanuman Jayanthi.
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3rd May
Sri Ma's Birthday Celebrations

Birthday by Solar date. 30th April, but celebrated usually 2nd May.
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21st May *Tithi Puja*

LUNAR BIRTH DATE night of 21st/22nd May 2019 (Vaishak month, Krishna Chaturthi). Access to Sri Ma's samadhi 22nd. Date to be confirmed when Bengali calendar published.
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16th July
Guru Purnima

Access to Sri Ma samadhi
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14th August
Raksha Bandhan

Known also as Jhulan Purnima. (swing festival.) The night of Sri Ma's self initiation.
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23rd August

Birthday of Lord Krishna
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2nd September
Ganesh Chaturthi

(Vinayaka Chaturthi) Birthday of Ganesh
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29th September
Durga Puja

Celebration of the GODDESS, the main festival for Bengalis. Six days of festivities culminating in Vijaya Dashami, the last day of VICTORY (8th October). Access to Sri Ma's samadhi 8th. Date to be confirmed when Bengali Calendar published.
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27th October
Kali Puja/ Divali

The Festival of Lights. Kali Puja for the Bengalis
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5th November
Samyam Saptah

Samyam Saptah 5th-11th November- (Kankhal) Access to Sri Ma's samadhi 12th (Purnima and Guru Narnak's birthday). Date to be confirmed when Bengali Calendar published.
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31st January
Samyam Saptah (Bhimpura)

31st January - 6th February Samyam Saptah at Bhimpura Ashram, near Chandod, Gujarat
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maa_calendarMa Anandamayi Annual Calendar

International Center, Kankhal, India

An International centre has been built in Kankhal ( 4 km south of Hardwar, on the Ganga), which is also 200 km north of DELHI in Uttar Khand. It is not meant for tourists, but for advanced spiritual seekers who are preferably acquainted with Ma’s literature as presented on this WEB SITE and publications. The Centre follows the rules of Ma’s ashrams, except those of caste purity. Visitors should be able to meditate and study by themselves, since no formal classes, hatha-yoga and meditation groups are organised. However, it is possible to meet Ma’s senior Swamis who speak English.
Alcohol, tobacco, meat, eggs are prohibited,unmarried couples are advised to stay in separate rooms for the time of their retreat, to be in better harmony with the Hindu environment which is quite traditional there. Attendance to the daily ritual at Ma’s samadhi is advised, although not compulsory.
The duration of stay is ten days but is extendable. There is also also other accommodation around Ma’s ashram , so staying in the area is not a problem.

Ashram at Daulchina, Almora

Ma’s other ashrams do not usually easily take Westerners.There is a small ashram higher up in the mountains 35 km from Almora in the North West on the road to Berinag:Daulchina, 263 881, Almora U.P. (phone 00 91 5962 262013). According to Ma’s request women on their own are not allowed to stay in Daulchina Ashram, which indeed is more like a hermitage.













To book in the Centre, the best is to contact
Dr S.K. Ghosh at the International Centre
(mob 08954 777747)
or Mrs Dhamija, address:
c/o Sumant Dhamija, B28 Pushpanjali Farms,
Bijwasan, New Delhi 110 061
Ph : 00 91 9810 931221

For direct booking contact:
The Manager,
Shree Shree Ma International Centre,
Daksh Road, Kankhal, 249 408,
Hardwar, U.P., INDIA
Phone/Fax 00 91 1334 246345.