MOTHER as Revealed to Me

Authored by BHAIJI
2004 | Varanasi | 158 pages | 2 photos | English

Bhaiji was the foremost disciple of Sri Ma, and has written, not a biography, but a little sketch, which introduces a few facts of his own direct experience to show how she opened up a fountain of life in his own almost parched-up soul (his own words). This book has a mysterious power to invoke Sri Ma’s presence, like no other, and this must result from that very close connection between Bhaiji and Sri Ma, his all-in-all

As the Flower Sheds its Fragrance

Authored by Atmananda
2006 | Ahmedabad | 200 pages | English

Diary Leaves of a Devotee 1947-1963


Matri Vani

Translated by Atmananda
1963 | Varanasi | 167 pages | English

These fragments of personal advice and suggestions formed part of letters dictated by Sri Ma in reply to those of devotees, and translated from the Bengali by Atmananda.

Matri Vani II
Matri Vani Volume II (html)

Matri Vani Volume II (pdf)

Authored by Sister Uma
1977 | Calcutta | 313 pages | English

Another selection from the sayings of Sri Ma. These are also mainly from letters, touching subjects not included in the first volume. Some excerpts from conversations (previously published in Ananda Varta) are also there. Translated by Atmananda.


That Compassionate Touch of MA ANANDAMAYEE

140 pages | 2 photos | ENGLISH

  This book contains miracle laden incidents and strange little happenings depicting Sri Sri Ma’s infinite compassion for Her children. Each narrative carries one particular message – the message of solace and compassion for Her devotees.


Photos from the book.


1996 | London | 200 pages | 50 photos (omitted in on-line version) | English

 Drawing extensively on Her own words and advice to followers, Richard Lannoy reveals a personality at once both breathtakingly simple and an enigma of fathomless complexity. His text recounts Her dramatic spiritual metamorphosis from youthful ecstatic to venerable sage.

Sad Vani

Authored by Bhaiji (J.C. Roy)
1973 | Varanasi | 161 pages | English

The first collection of Sri Ma’s teachings to appear in print, originally in Bengali, in 1935 as recorded by Bhaiji (probably Sri Ma’s closest disciple, who understood her best).

Words of Sri Sri Anandamayi Ma (html)
Words of Sri Sri Anandamayi Ma (pdf)


Authored by Atmananda | Published by Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha
May 1995 | 194 pages | 1 Photo

This book contains a selection from Sri Anandamayi Ma’s replies to oral questions, recorded at meetings of large and small groups.  They deal with meditation, the spiritual path and Self-Realisation; with a great variety of problems – practical, philosophical, and metaphysical as encountered by seekers after Truth at various stages of their quest.


Sad Vani
MOTHER As Seen by Her Devotees

Several authors.
178 pages | 2 photos

The present work brings together some papers from a number of writers, Indian and Non-Indian, on what each of them thinks about Mother Anandamayi and of the reaction of each to the influence of Her superb personality.  It seems, however, that all of them have been deeply impressed with Mother’s sanctity, wisdom and love, and greatly influenced by the extraordinary qualities of Her life and character; although none of them have anything to say, except incidentally, on the mystery of Her Being and Personality.







Translated by Br Kumari Chandan Puranacharya from the Bengali of Swami Virajananda
1981, 1983, 1985, 2009 | 172, 167, 348, 246 pages |

Swami Virajananda had originally written these volumes in Bengali, taking the material from Sri Ma’s own lips.The first 2 volumes are an introduction to the subsequent publications. Vol 1 is about Ma’s ancestral lineage, Her parents and Her homes, along with a discussion about Her birth. The Vol 2 depicts Her entire childhood Lila, ending with Her entry into Grihastashram (Householder life) including a portrayal of Her unique seva there. In Vol 3 Ma reveals Her Svarupa. Throughout this volume, there is this revelation that in all the objectives of all sadhanas it is Bhagavan only in those forms.Vol 4 deals in detail with asan, pranayam, mantra.

The Most Gracious Presence,
Sri Ma Anandamayi (Vol 1)

Sri Ma Anandamayi (Vol 2)

Sri Ma Anandamayi (Vol 3)

Authored by Bithika Mukerji
2009, 2011, 2014 | Varanasi | 411, 422, 221 pages | English

There are 3 Volumes  covering the period 1896-1982. Copies available from the ashram bookshop.

Anandamayee The Universal Mother


Authored by Dr Buddhadev Bhattacharya (original text in Bengali, translated by Asim Chatterjee)
1995 | Anandamayi Sangha | 116 pages and many prints | English

This is the text only of this profusely illustrated book covering Sri Ma’s life in great detail. The book includes 55 paintings depicting Sri Ma’s life.

Anandamayi Ma’s Inscrutable Kheyal

Authored by Anil Ganguli
1980 | Sri Sri Anandamayi Charitable Society | 55 pages | English

This is a small booklet, long out-of-print, illustrating some examples of Sri Ma’s kheyal as recorded by a very old and close devotee.

In Her Perfect Love (PDF)
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Authored by Shraddha
1995 | 160 pages | English

These pages hold an account of the author’s most precious days in her life. Shraddha and her husband made 7 trips to see Sri Ma in India from 1970-1981. The events that happened are the fabric of this book.
To see edited videos of Sri Ma taken at the time of the trips described in the book – click here.
To see the photo album taken at the time of the trips described in the book – click here.

Volume 1 (6.4 mb)

Volume 2 (7.0 mb)

Volume 3 (4.6 mb)

Volume 4 (5.8 mb)

Volume 5 (5.0 mb)

Volume 6 (4.3 mb)

Volume 7 (0.7 mb)

Bengali authored by Gurupriya Devi (Didi)
1984-96 | Sri Sri Anandamayi Charitable Society | English

Didi was closely associated with Sri Ma from when she first met Sri Ma at the end of 1925. She was her closest companion, as health permitted, for the rest of her life. She kept a diary, published in Bengali in many volumes. 6 have so far been translated into English, from their meeting until 13th May 1938.

ANANDAMAYEE MA (as I have known her)

Authored by Naren Chowdhuri
Shree Shree Anandamayee Charitable Society;| 138 pages | English

The author describes the days when he had Sri Ma’s darshan in 1937, and details notable events and sayings, as well as other inspiring episodes.


Sri Sri Anandamayi Charitable Society | 182 pages

Ma’s words taken from Ananda Varta, Matri Darshan and recorded conversations have been translated from the original Bengali.

This invaluable source of Sri Ma’s words and sayings have been presented under many different headings for convenience.


Published by Bhimpura Ashram | 2012 | 74 pages

GUJARATI at the front/HINDI in the middle/ENGLISH at the back.
This small book has been produced in memory of much beloved Swamiji. It is a compilation of short contributions by some of many devotees.

Volume 1 (10.1 mb)

Volume 2 (13.2 mb)

Volume 3 (10.9mb)


authored by Prof Amulya Kumar Datta Gupta
1986-91 | Sri Sri Anandamayi Charitable Society | English |

He had started publishing records of life around Sri Ma in 1938 and 1940. When Ananda Varta came into being his articles were published there. They cover a period from October 1935 up to 1946.

THE DIVINE MOTHER Shri Shri Ma Anandamayee

authored by Dr Premlata Srivastava
published by National Book Organisation | English

Dr Srivastava had been asked by Sri Ma several times to write something. In this book she writes about the life and times of Sri Ma, including chapters on Devotees, Saints and Sri Ma’s teachings. Reproduced here by kind permission of Dr Srivastava.

Ma Anandamayi Lila, Memoirs of Hari Ram Joshi

Authored by Hari Ram Joshi Sri Sri Anandamayi Charitable Society
1974 | Varanasi | 199 pages | English

Sri Hari Ram Joshi has written some very interesting facts about the life of Sri Ma in his own style. He was an ardent devotee of Sri Ma.

Ma Anandamayee, Embodiment of India’s Spiritual and Cultural Heritage

various authors
published by Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha| English

This is an assembly of lectures and papers presented at Mahajati Sadan in Kolkata in 1997 on Sri Ma’s birth centenary.

In Your Heart is My Abode – Life and Teachings of Ma Anandamayi

Authored by Bithika Mukerji Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha
1995 | Kankhal | 62 pages | English

Bithika Mukerji has provided a beautiful and concise summary of Sri Ma’s life, along with selected sayings of Sri Ma.

Ten Inspiring Stories From the lips of

Sri Anandamayee Ma

by Shivananda
Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha
1996 | Varanasi | 45 pages | English

This is a collection of stories told by Sri Ma during Matri Satsangs; translated from Bengali.

Volume 1 (6 mb)

Volume 2 (6 mb)

authored by Various devotees
1991-95 | Sri Sri Anandamayi Charitable Society | English |

The 2 books are an account of Ma’s last 30 years, including dates, people around her, significant happenings and functions, as well as sayings – much also included in Ananda Varta.

Volume 1 (8.3 mb)
Volume 2 (7.5 mb)


authored by Bithika Mukerji
1980 | Sri Sri Anandamayi Charitable Society | English |

The book is an account of Ma’s early life until she left Dacca, the information mainly being derived from devotees’ diaries.

An Introduction to Sri Anandamayi Ma’s Philosophy of Absolute Cognition

authored by Kedar Nath Swami Sri Sri Mata Anandamayi Peeth Trust,
2010 | Indore | 188 pages | English

Sw Kedarnath presents Sri Ma’s revelations that occurred spontaneously in her life, and the answers she gave to questions put before her. These are the introductory pages; copies of the complete book may be had from the Indore address.

(Shree Shree Ma Anandamayee

(A Short Life Sketch and Her Teachings) 11.4 mb)


authored by Somesh Banerjee
Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha,
2010 | Kankhal| 234 pages | English |

The book is a brief life-sketch of Sri Ma in a single volume.


authored by various devotees Shree Shree Anandamayi Ashram,
1987 | Kankhal | 55 pages | English

Souvenir dedicated to Sri Ma at the inauguration of Ananda Jyoti Peetham (Sri Ma’s samadhi temple) and on her 91st birthday.

The Holy Chronicle (1958-64)

Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha,
2019 | Kankhal| 647 pages | English

Glimpses of the Lila of Shree Shree Anandamayee Ma 7.7mb

Shraddhanjali – 2.5mb
Shraddhanjali – higher quality 18mb

Photographs by Sadanand and Richard Lannoy taken from Shraddhanjali.
1996 | | 55 pages |

The images are taken from the book “Shraddhanjali”, produced and published by the Sadhana Ashram, San Presto of Assisi (Italy), to commemorate the birth centenary of Sri Ma.

Anandamayi Ma the Mother Bliss-incarnate>

Authored by Anil Ganguli
Shree Shree Anandamayee Charitable Society,
1983 | Calcutta| 288 pages | English

A rich collection of Sri Ma’s sayings, anecdotes and glimpses of Sri Ma’s mystical Being. 3.5 mb