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Brahmachari Atulda

A devoted Brahmachari of Sri Sri Ma, Atul Brahmachari has passed into supreme oblivion at the lotus feet of Ma on the 8th March on the auspicious 5th day of Dol at the Salvation Kshetra of Kashi Dham on the banks of the Ganga.

Atulda came into contact with Ma at Dhaka, Ramna Ashram and Siddheswari. From the time of inauguration of Annapurna Temple at Kashi, Atulda was installed as the first priest for cleaning the temple, daily puja etc. as well as preserving the sacred fire of the Savitri Yagna. All these duties he performed with great sincerity and by himself. When Ma was constantly travelling the length and breadth of India, Atulda never left Annapurna Seva at Kashi Dham. This kind of completely devoted service in one place is unthinkable in these days.

Once the Maharaja of Mandi, Sri Jogendra N. Sen, distributed a whole bagful of Pahari Chappals to Ma for the use of Ashram inmates, which Ma distributed among her children. Sometime later, in summer many Ashramites were sleeping on the roof of the Ashram.

Ma, on going round at night spotted Atulda sleeping there with the chappals given to him on his feet. Ma laughed and asked “What is this Atul? Why are you sleeping with your slippers on?”

Atulda realised Ma was present and fearfully rose up and replied after doing his pranams. “Ma, you have been kind enough to bestow these slippers on me, but I work all day and night in the Annapurna temple, and never go out, so when can I use the slippers? If I do not wear them I am disobeying Ma’s request, so I put them on now.” What a wonderful devotion to Ma.

Those nearby who had first started laughing at Atulda’s words, were now struck dumb with respect for him. At sometime Ma had said “You have read about Munis and Rishis, have you not? They exist even today.” And she pointed out Yogeshda, Kamalakantada and Atulda as perfect examples.

Nobody ever saw Atulda wear any nice clothes nor consume any good food. This kind of renunciation, devotion and sadhana cannot be seen normally.

He had fallen seriously ill about a year before his actual death. He used to live quietly in a small room next to Annapurna Mandir. When asked any question, he used to say, “I have nothing to say”.
When interrogated about Ma’s advice, he used to reply “ All this is my secret experience. I do not want to divulge anything externally.” Towards the end of his life, he obtained the Sannyas mantra from Ma. With his death the last of the close devotees of Ma’s early life passed away.


Extract from “Of those that have Surrendered at Her Feet.”