A reading of Sri Ma’s palm on 5th February 1937, as recorded in the diaries of Gurupriya Didi,

Volume IV, Pages 37-39


Jyotish Dada introduced a gentleman from that house to Ma and said, “He has been to England and is very proficient in astrology.” All the people began requesting him to read their palms. The gentleman did pranam to Ma and with her permission began reading her palm. He exclaimed, “I have never seen sucha palm in my life before. I must have written out ten or twelve thousand horo­scopes – and I have read a countless number of palms, but this chatuh sagari yoga that is present in this palm is capable of almost anything at all, I know nothing but I say a little because of my Guru’s will. I understand that Ma has the beneficience of four planets and so far only the effect of one planet has begun to manifest. Work worth only a quarter of a rupee has been achieved ; what has been done will be nothing compared to what is going to be done in the coming years. The waters will drown everything and rise still higher.”

Jyotish Dada questioned, “How do you see Ma’s sadhana ? Will it be of any help to the world or not ?” The astrologer replied, “What shall I say of sadhana ? She is beyond it !” Jyotish Dada said, “People say she is a worship­per of Kali.” The astrologer, Abinush Babu laughed and declared, “Kali will come and worship her ! And about being helpful to the world, I can only say that even Chaitanya Dev and others had to put some effort to help the world, but in Ma’s case, as I see it, even those deeds do not have to be per­formed. Everything will occur of its own accord which is called ‘falling from above’, In my life 1 have seen another hand which appears to match this one. It is the hand of a person who lives near Manasarovar and, as he himself told me, his age is 350 years. But he is a yogi and had to perform yoga to attain his present state. I see that Ma did not have to do even that. I have read about certain markings in books, but I have never seen them on any human hands. Today I have sighted them on Ma’s hand. My Guru has said, ‘Whosoever has such markings on his hand is beyond the control of the invisible”.

After making various such comments and after reading the palms of some others, the astrologer spoke about the invisible. He was not like other astrologers and seemed to be enveloped by a strange mood. His readings were quite correct and he mainly disclosed the natures of people. He is one who performs intense spiritual practices. We heard that he took his image of Siva with him when he went to England and worshipped the image every day.

Later he took me aside and said, “Listen, I have never seen Ma before. Yesterday when I sat down to do puja I saw Ma. I have never seen such a phenomenon before. I have also never seen earlier what I saw on Ma’s palm. From the lines that I see on her hand I am convinced that she is Brahma Vidya Herself. I have absolutely no doubts on this score. I am only afraid that she may not retain her body for long. I can see the marking of this disaster looming over your heads but I am also anxious about the preservation of Ma’s body, therefore I shall also ask Ma about it,”

In fact he did speak privately to Ma about all this and prayed to her to preserve her body. Ma replied, “Whatever has to happen will happen; if you can protect this body then do so. To me everything is fine.” Abinash Dabu said, “A disharmony is destroy­ing this body and without changing that it will be difficult to look after this body.” On our asking him for a solution he replied, “I shall also go to Ma and say whatever occurs to me at that time. 1 shall certainly aspire for the protection of Ma’s body, but what powers do we have anyway? To speak thus to Ma is blasphemy. Yet I dared to read her hand only with her permission.”