1963, 23rd January. Ma visits Modinagar at the request of Sri G. M. Modi for the inauguration of Lakshmi Narain Mandir.
1963, 16th March, Karauli. Ma in Karauli at the invitation of the Karauli Raj family.
1963, May, Calcutta Birthday celebration in Agarpara Ashram, Swami Santananda Shankaracharaya, Joshi Math also attends.
1963, 12th August, Varanasi. Shri Gopalji installed on the new sandalwood throne in Ma’s presence in Anand Jyoti Mandir.
1963, 16th October Durga Pooja festival In Ma’s presence in Varanasi at the residence of her younger brother Sri Jadu Nath Bhattacharya.
1963, November, Bombay. Ma attends Bhagawat Saptah in Gwalior Raj Palace in Bombay.
1963, November, Ahmedabad. Fourteenth Sanyam Saptah at Ahmedabad from 23rd to 29th November at the residence of Sri K. C. Munshaw. Severe storm during programme. The entire pandal falls down but everyone saved through Ma’s special direction and kheyala.
1964, 29th February, Delhi. Ma visits Prime Minister’s House to see ailing Nehru, the last meeting.
1964, May, Almora. Ma visits Almora after ten years. Birthday function from 3rd to 30th May.
1964, 15th July. Installation of Rama and Sita in newly built temple at Kalyanvan.
1964, 25th August. Ma resides at Sadhan Ashram for three nights
1964, 8th September. Ma visits Sivananda Ashram on the occasion of Rishikesh Centenary celebration of Swami Shivanandaji Maharaj.
1964, 11th October, Vrindavan. Durga Pooja in Vrindavan Ashram.
1964, November, Vrindavan. Fifteenth Sanyam Saptah In Vrindavan from 11th to18th November.
1964, 27th November, Vrindavan. Km. Buni, a very old Sevika of Ma passes away in Ma’s presence.
1964, 14th December. Inauguration of Ram Mandir built by Maharani Mysore inside Vrindavan Ashram.
1965, 14th January, Varanasi. Foundation stone laying ceremony of Mata Anandamayee Hospital in Ma’s presence.
sanotorium_tn1965, February. Ma visits Niramoy T. B. Sanatorium at Giri Danga. West Bengal. and attends the opening of Shiv Mandir
1965, 20th February. The new Shiv temple in Rajgir Ashram inaugurated in Ma’s presence.
1965, 27th March, Bhopal. Ma visits the new Ashram at Bairagarh at the invitation of Sir Datar Singh. The Begum of Bhopal State met Ma and immensely delighted and recites from the Quran
1965, May, Ranchi. Birthday celebration in Ranchi Ashram.
1965, 30th June, Puri. Ma visits Puri on the occasion of the famous chariot festival of Sri Jagannathj.
durga_puja_tn1965, 23rd September. Durga Pooja in Agarpara Ashram in Ma’s presence.
1965, 1st to 7th November, Hazaribagh. Ma visits Hazaribagh. Sixteenth Sanyam Saptah there sponsored by Sri Jagannath Roy.
1965, 24th November, Varanasi. Sri Biswanath Das, Governor, U.P., Chief Minister Sucheta Kripalini and Union Health Minister, Dr. Sushila Nayyar come to Ma.
1966, January, Allahabad. Ma in Allahabad Kumbh Mela. Smt. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister, Sri G. L. Nanda, Home Minister, Dr. Sushila Nayyar, Health Minister and Sri G. S. Pathak, Law Minister all came for Ma’s darshan.
1966, 13th April, Delhi. Ma visits Prime Minister’s House at the request of Smt. Indira Gandhi. The whole family pays respect, to Ma.
1966, May, Dehradun. Birthday celebration in the compound of Sri M. L. Khaitan from 3rd to 8th May.
1966, 16th May, Dehradun. Car accident in Dehradun town, slight injury in Ma’s hand-all saved through Ma’s grace.
krishna_tn1966, September, Vrindavan. Inauguration of Chhaliya Temple in Vrindavan Ashram and installation of images of Radha Krishna at the wishes of Rajmata Gwalior and Yogibhai of Solan.
1966, October, Bombay. Durga Pooja at the residence of Sri B.K. Shah in Ma’s presence.
1966, November,Vrindavan. Seventeenth Sanyam Saptah at Vrindavan Ashram at the request of Maharaja and Maharani of Bhavnagar from 20th to 26th November. The Queen Mother of Greece and Princess Irene come for Ma’s darshan.
1966,27th November. Katyayani Pooja in Vrindavan Ashram in Ma’s presence by Sri Narendra Brahmachari of Baidyanath Dham, Deoghar.
1967, May, Kanpur. Ma’s birthday celebration in Kanpur at the request of the Jaipuria family. Pd. Ram Kinkarji does the Ramayan Katha.
1967, October, Vrindavan. Durga Pooja celebration in Vrindavan, organised by Sri Suresh Mahindra, son-in-law of Raja Mandi.
subhalakshmi_tn1967, November, Vrindavan. Eighteenth Sanyam Saptah in Vrindavan Ashram in Ma’s presence. Shri G.S. Pathak, Governor of Karnataka and his wife, M. S. Subhulakshmi, the famous singer and Sri Gopala Reddy, Governor, U.P. came to meet Ma.
Pooratan_tn1967, December, Naimisharanya.
Opening of the new Puran Mandir at Naimisharanya, built through the efforts of Sri Manubhai Bhlmani.


1968, 24th April, Varanasi. Sri Mohanananda Brahmachari comes to meet Ma. Ma attends the progamme of Sri Dilip Kumar Roy at the residence of Dr. Gauri Nath Sastri. Ma visits Dr. Sampurnananda, who was lying ill.
varanasi_tn1968, 30th April, Varanasi. Inauguration of Ananda Jyoti Mandir in Varanasi Ashram in the presence of Hari Babaji and others-installation of the idol of Gopalji in the ground floor of the new temple.
1968, May, Varanasi. Ma’s birthday from 3rd to 5th May, in the presence of many mahatmas.
1968, 30th July, Dehradun. Ma enters the new bungalow specially built for her In the premises of Sri Khaitan.
1968, 25th August, Varanasi. Swami Sachidanandji, Head Integral Yoga Institute in New York came for Ma’s darshan with his group.
1968, 23rd September, Dehradun. Ma attends Navaratra Durga Pooja ceremony at the residence of Sri Khaitan.
1968, November, Dehradun. Nineteenth Sanyam Saptah in Ma’s presence from 29th October to 4th November.
1968, November, Nalmisharanya. Ma attends the two week long Bhagawat discourses by Swami Akhandanandaji at Nalmisharanya, attended by principal mahatmas, Hari Babaji. Swami Sharananandaji. Swami Govind Prakashji and others.
1968, December, Delhi. Ma attends a big religious conference at Subhash Ground, Delhi at the request of Hari Babaji from 7th to 16th December.
1968, 26th December, Varanasi. Mata Anandamayee Hospital formally inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi in Ma’s divine presence. Smt. Gandhi visited Ananda Jyoti Mandir also.


1969, 18th February. Ma visits Bandh In Anup Sahar at the request of Sri Hari Babaji, given tremendous ovation.
1969, 6th March, Gwalior. Ma in Gwalior at the request of Rajmata Scindia.
1969, May, Bombay. Ma’s birthday celebration at the residence of Sri B.K. Shah. Christian lady saint Mother Anna Huberta and two Roman Catholic Nuns and the Muslim Kamu Baba came to meet Ma and had discussion in private.
1969, 29th May, Ahmedabad. Ma visits Raj Bhawan at the request of Governor, Shri Sriman Narayan, son-in-law of Late Jamnalal Bajaj.
1969, 1st August, Bhopal. Ma in Bairagarh Ashram. Governor K. C. Reddy, Chief Minister and other officials come for darshan.
1969, 31st August, Dehradun. Akhand Ramayan Path in Sadhan Ashram in Ma’s presence.
1969, 3rd September, Dehradun. A group of disciples of Swami Sivanandaji’s organisation in Venezuela came to meet Ma at Kishenpur Ashram.
1969, October, Varanasi. Ma attends Durga Pooja at the residence of Sri H. C. Banerjee, Retd. Engineer.
1969, 30th October, Kanpur. Inauguration of a new block built for Ma by the Singhanias In the campus of the famous J.K. Temple.
1969, 17th-23rd November. Twentieth Sanyam Saptah in Vrindavan Ashram. A group of 65 Americans led by their Guru Sri Subramaniam came for Ma’s darshan.


1970, 1st January. Sri Hari Babaji, who was seriously ill brought to Varanasi Ashram under Ma’s directions. All arrangements for treatment made.
1970, 3rd January, Varanasi. Sri Hari Babaji leaves his body in Ma’s presence.
1970, 13th January, Varanasi. Sri G.S. Pathak, Vice President of India arrives with his family for Ma’s darshan.
1970, 16th January, Varanasi. The famous saint Gangeswaranandaji comes to meet Ma.
1970, February, Varanasi. Two-week long Bhagawat programme by Swami Akhandanandaji in Mata Anandamayi Hospital campus from 21st February to 7th March.
1970, 14th April, Kankhal. Inauguration of new Siva Mandir in Kankhal Ashram.
1970, May, Pune. Ma’s birthday celebration in Pune Ashram. Maharaja of Baroda and Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, the famous scientist came for darshan.
1970, July. Ma visits Miraj at the request of Sri T.P. Patel and also to Nipani along with Pd, Gopinath Kaviraj.
1970, August, Haridwar. Ma attends Bhagawat Saptah at Jaipuria House, Ramghat from 3rd August.
1970, 9th August, Haridwar. Swami Muktananda Giri (Mataji’s mother) suddenly leaves her body at about 1-30 a.m. in Ma’s presence at Jaipuria House on the bank of Ganga. Body given samadhi in the precincts of the Ashram at Kankhal under the guidance of Mahantji of Nirvani Akhara.
1970, 20th August. Special bhandara of sadhus given in Rishikesh at Sivananda Ashram and Kailash Ashram. Ma attends the same. Meeting with the renowned saint Swami Vishnudevananda Giriji of the Kailash Math.
1970, 23rd August. Special Pooja, Kirtan etc and feeding of one thousand poor people in this connection.
1970, 25th August. About five hundred sadhus fed in Nirvani Akhara, Kankhal and feeding of sadhus and poor in almost all the ashrams of Ma for Swami Muktanandaji.
1970, 9th September. Ma visits Gwalior at the request of Rajmata Scindia and attends Bhagawat Saptah by Swami Akhandanandji.
Durga-Pooja1970, October, New Delhi. Special Durga Pooja celebration in Kalkaji Ashram attended by the Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi and many dignitaries like the Congress President Sri Nijalingappa. Acharya Kripalani, Dr. Karan Singh and others.
1970, November, Suktal. Twenty first Sanyam Saptah at Suktal from 4th to 10 November organised by Swami Vishnu Ashram.
1970, November, Kanpur. Ma attends Bhagawat programme at the request of Sri Padampat Singhania from 14th to 29th November 1970.


1971, 11th January, Varanasi.
The Canadian Prime minister Pierre Elliot Tredeau comes to have special meeting with Ma.
The High Commissioner Mr. James Goerge also accompanied him.
1971, 16th January, Varanasi. A group of 25 Brazilian devotees of Swami Sivanandaji come for darshan.1971, January, Allahabad. Ma attends the Ardh Kumbh Mela.1971, 14th April, Haridwar. Mahananda Brahmachari and Vimla didi takes sanyas from Mahant Girdhar Narayanji.1971, May, Varanasi. Birthday celebration in Varanasi Ashram from 3rd May. A number of religious ceremonies performed. Inauguration by Pd. Kamlapati Tripathi, Chief Minister U.P. and also addressed by Maharaja Benaras.1971, 15th July, Varanasi. Indoor section of Mata Anandamayi Hospital started functioning with Mukti Maharaj (Swami Nirgunananda) as the first patient.
lordpadmanabh_tb1971, 25th September Dehradun
Ma attends Durga Pooja at the residence of Sri Khaitan. First Pooja of Sri Padmanabhji, in the Ashram on Mahashtami day. Read more about it here.

1971, October 22nd. Sanyam Saptah in Vrindavan Ashram from 26th October to 1st November.

1971, November, Bhopal. Bhagawat discourse by Swami Vishnu Ashram at Bairagarh Ashram in Ma’s presence from 23rd to 30th November.

1971, December, Kanpur. Ma attends Bhagwat programme by Swami Akhandanandaji In Kanpur from 13th to 28th December. Governor Sri Gopala Reddy came to meet Ma.


1972, 4th January, South India.
Ma leaves for South India from Delhi with a group of 46. Arrives in Madras on 7th. Reception by Smt. Subhalakshmi, Daughter of Sri. Raja Gopalachari and daughter-in-law of Mahatma Gandhi came to meet Ma.

1972,9th January.
Ma leaves for Trivandrum. Visits the birth place of Sankaracharya at Kaladi, received well by the priests.

1972, 14th January.
Attends the special function of Padmanabhji, on the occasion of Pongal festival.

1972, 17th March.
Ma attends the inauguration of a new Shiva Temple in Varanasi Ashram, Sri Narendra Brahmachari of Deogharh comes to meet Ma.

1972, 26th March, Varanasi.
Sri G.S. Pathak, the Vice-President of India and Governor Sri Gopala Reddy comes for Ma’s darshan.

1972, 30th March, Varanasi.
Sri Nim Karori Baba with Ma.

1972, 29th April, New Delhi.
Inauguration of Ma’s new building in Kalkaji Ashram. Ma’s birthday celebration also held till 31st May.

1972,12th July.
Installation of the images of Shri Radha Krishna in newly constructed temple in Pune Ashram.

1972, 6th September.
Ma visits Raj Bhawan, Ahmedabad at the request of the Governor, Sri Sriman Narayan.

1972,7th October.
Durga Puja in Naimisharanya Ashram in Ma’s presence.

1972, 11th November, Haridwar.
Twenty third Sanyam Saptah at Surat Giri Bunglow, Kankhal from 11th to 17th November organised by M.M. Swami Brahmanandaji Maharaj.

1973, 17th January. The renowned saint Swami Gangeswaranandaji installs the Vedas in Naimisharanya Puran Mandir.
1973, February. Ma visits Mahabaleswar at the invitation of Sri Rati Lal Nanavati.
1973, March. Ma visits the ashram of Sri Narendra Brahmachari at Baidyanathdham on 7th March. Inauguration of Niramoy Poly Clinic in South Calcutta through Ma’s hands on 12th March, Ma resides here for two days at the special request of the General Secretary, Dr. G.N. Roy.
1972, 17th March. Ma attends the special Holi programme at Gaziabad at the invitation of Sri Sitaram Jaipuria. One hundred twelve Mridang players participate in the Akhand Kirtan with their `Khols’.