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Br Kamlakanta

Br Kamalakantada joined Ma’s close adherents in the early days at Shabbagh and was promptly spotted by Ma as an ideal Brahmachari for his blind obedience and faith in Ma’s principles. In particular he attached himself to Baba Bholanath as his ideal and was chosen by Ma to follow Bholanath alone to Tarapith and administer to his needs when Pitaji proceeded to Tarapith for his Sadhana.
Kamalakantada was later chosen to be the right person to look after sacred yagna fires at Shahbagh, Ramna, Kashi, Kalyanvan and Kankhal where he lived in the Havan room built specially for the ashram to house the sacred ever-burning flame. Later when he became too old, he was moved to the Sadhu Kutir at Kankhal.

Kamalakantada had a special attraction for Tarapith, being connected with Ma’s and Baba Bholanath’s leela there from the start. So it was inevitable that he took upon himself the task of founding an ashram at Tarapith in the face of almost insurmountable diffïculties aided by small amounts of money from Swami Prabhananda and Morarji Bhai Thacker, who helped Kamalakantada inbuilding the nucleus of Tarapith Ashram. Ma gave him special authority as a Brahmachari and would not enter into Tarapith Temple without the Brahmachari preceding Her. Nor as the writer has seen with his own eyes, would She enter into a devotee’s newly built premises near Vrindaban ashram without Kamalakantada preceding her to purify the abode. Kamalakantada was also entrusted with preparing and issuing
Panchyagabya (mixture of cow dung, urine, milk, curd and ghee) to new devotees before diksha or after their returning from abroad to ashram premises and many are the amusing stories connected with Kamalakantadas preparations for those devotees when he used to focus in his absent mindedness on the sweeter ingredients of panchagabya when preparing the formula to wash away all sins!

Kamalakantada took very little part in the Ashram affairs at Kankhal, specially after Ma’s Mahaprayana, and when he felt his time was near, he did not hesitate to leave for Kashi accompanied by a single Brahmachari on the 16th of March 1987. He passed away ¡n Kashi Mukta Khetra by the will of Ma in February, 1988 after a life of brahmacharya dedicated to Ma’s service and has surely now been gathered into her bosom as one of her favourite brahmachari sons.


Extract from “Of those that have Surrendered at Her Feet.”

Kamalakanta with Sri Ma