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Swami Akhandananda

Swami Akhandananda Giri was doctor by profession, was working as Civil Surgeon. His pre-monastic name was Dr. Shashanka Mohan Mukherji, was father of Gurupriya Didi.

“Father and I were staying at Siddheshwari according to Ma’s instructions.
Every morning I got up early and went to Ma.

Father sat near the asana in Siddheshwari for a long time every day, as per Ma’s orders. As soon as he woke up, he bathed in the pond and  sat down to do japa. In the afternoon, after full darshan, partaking of a little food, he resumed his japa. Around five in the evening he went to the Ramna Ashram and ate the prasada blessed by Ma.

He remained till nine or ten in the night near Ma and then returned to Siddheshwari with me. He again sat for japa till twelve or one in the night. One night, around midnight while Father was doing japa, he saw very vividly that Ma ( who was in Ramna Ashram) had risen and come out of her cottage and then lay down. That evening Ma was lying in bhava. The next day when father asked Bholanath he found that Ma had actually got up and gone out around midnight and had returned and lay down. Father had once mentioned, “From the day that I had darshan of Ma, whenever I did pranama anywhere, I felt my head was touching Ma’s feet.”

Father sometimes sat up the whole night doing japa and only rested for a while on his bed in the early morning hours.”

p.116, SRI SRI MA ANANDAMAYI by Gurupriya Devi