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1896, 30th April, Kheora Birth at Kheora, a tiny little village in the district of Tripura in East Bengal in the house of the grandmother's parents. Her parents named her Nirmala Sundari.
1897, Vidyakut Worshipped by a divine luminous person while she was a baby of 10 months at her father Sri Bipinbehari Bhattacharya's place at Vidyakut.
1898-1908 At Sultanpur, her maternal uncle's place, listening to devotional kirtan at the age of two, child Nirmala was overwhelmed with ecstasy in the lap of her mother Mokshada Sundari Devi.
1899-1908 Days of her childhood spent in Sultanpur and in Kheora with family friends and neighbours. Primary education at both places at the age of eight or nine.
1909, February, Kheora Marriage with Sri Ramani Mohan Chakravorty of Vikrampur, Dhaka, at the age of twelve and ten months. Ramani Mohan was later known as "Bholanath".
1909-1914, Sripur, Narundi After marriage Ma went to live with the family of Revati Mohan Chakravorty (husband's elder brother), who was a Railway Station Master. Ma was considered as the deity of prosperity even there.
1915, Astagram After the demise of Sri Revati Mohan Chakravorty Ma came to live at Astagram where Bholanathji was posted. Seeing her smiling look and blissful mood Ma was given the name "Mother of Bliss" (Kushir Ma) by the wife of Jaysankar Sen. It was prophesied by the brother-in-law of Jaishanker Sen, Harkumar that in future the entire world would call you Mother. While engaged in domestic work Ma used to go into deep absorption. When Bholanathji was transferred to Bajitpur Ma remained at Vidyakut, the residence of her parents for about three years.
1918, Bajitpur At Bajitpur at the age of 22 manifestation of various spiritual Kriyas occurred.
1922, Bajitpur During the midnight of the full moon in August the manifestation of self diksha (initiation).
1922, December, Bajitpur When being asked by the cousin brother. Who are you? The reply merged from Ma - Purna Brahrma Narayan. Bholanathji received initiation from Ma.
1922, April, Shahbagh Bholanathji entered the service of the Nawab of Dhaka and arrived at Shahbagh along with Ma. Pran Gopal Mukhopadhyay and Jyotish Chandra Roy (Bhaiji) visited her for the first time. 
1925, Shahbagh Ma visited Ramna Kali Mandir frequently. Perceives in subtle form the Arabian Faquir and his disciples. First photograph of Ma taken. A paralytic girl becomes well through Ma's grace. Kalipooja at the request of Baul Basak. Strange incident of no blood coming out from a goat sacrificed during pooja.
1925, Siddheswari Ma named "Ma Anandamayi" by Shri Jyotish Chandra Roy (Bhaiji) at Siddheswari.
1926, Shahbagh Dr. Shashanka Mohan Mukherjee came to visit Ma with his daughter Adarini: Later they were known as Swami Akhandananda and Gurupriya.
1926, April First Basanti Pooja celebrated at Siddheshwari. Jogesh Brahmacharl meets Ma and joins the Ashram.
1926, Deoghar To fulfil the desire of Pran Gopal Mukherjee. Ma went to Deoghar in Bihar to visit Balananda Swami.
1926, Calcutta On her way first visit to Calcutta. 
1926, Shahbagh On the grave of the Faquir Ma recited from the sacred Quran, and postures specific to the Muslim prayer (namaz) came in her person. ‘Ma sees the divine form of Kali in the void. Worship of Kali during Deepawali night. Worship of Ma by Bholanath as Kali. Instruction regarding keeping the sacrificial fire ablaze. Kamalakanta Brahmachari joined Ashram life.
1927 Departure for Haridwar to attend Kumbh Mela.
1927, Calcutta A few days stay. Kirtan at the residence of Pyari Banu, the daughter of the Nawab. First visit by Raja Janaki Nath and respected people.
1927, Varanasi Ma stays at Kunja Mohan Babu's house. Nepal dada known as Narayan Swami visited Ma for the first time, meeting with Jitendra Thakur, Kunja Babu worshipped Ma as Mother divine.
1927, April, Haridwar Her stay in Dharmashala for seven days-sacred bath in the Brahma Kunda. Visited Vrindavan, Mathura and back to Shahbagh.
1927, Shahbagh She did not take water for 13 days and later on for 23 days. She along with Bholanath visited Vindhyachal. Chunar Jaipur, Bharatpur etc.
1927, Shahbagh Birthday celebration at Shahbagh.
1928, Varanasi Pd. Gopinath Kaviraj first visited Ma. Ma's discourse before others for the first time.
1928, Siddheshwari Directed Bholanath to perform spiritual practices in a room adjacent to Siddheswari temple
1928, Tarapith Inspired Bholanath to proceed for practising sadhana there.
1928, Siddheshwari Construction of a house at Siddheshwari, the first Ashram. Construction of an altar In place of the hollow opening. The first birthday ceremony. Bholanathji performs Pooja of Ma. Rain Thakur came to visit Her.
1929, 13-Apil, Ramna First entrance of Ma In the land bought for Ramna Ashram.
1929, May Birthday at Siddheswari and new Ashram at Ramna. Left Dhaka with only her father. Bhaiji accompanied Ma at Bholanathji's orders. Visit to Chittagong, Coxbazar, Adinath, Chandranath, Haridwar & Dehradun. Stayed in Bhola Girl Ashram at Haridwar. Sri Atul Brahmachari had already joined the Ashram life.
1929, Siddheswari Leaving non-vegetarian food for ever. The famous Bhowal Sannyasi met Ma and prayed for recovery of property.
1930, Siddheswari Advise to Bholanathji to remain at Siddheswari. Bholanathji began giving diksha.
1930, May, Ramna Birthday at Ramna Ashram. Ma leaves for the first South India tour with father. mother, Bholanathji and others. Returned via Dwarka, Vindhyachal. Gaya, Chandranath and Adinath.
1931, Ramna Construction of temple In Ramna Ashram. Atul Thakur of Sadhan Samar Ashram worshipped Ma. Renowned philosophers, like Dr. Mahendra Sarkar met Ma - discussion with them on philosophical topics. Revelation of Ma from her own mouth.
1931, Ramna Installation of the images of Annapurna. Shiva and Kali etc. in the new temple.
1931, Ramna Beginning of whole night Kirtan with ladles. Didi Gurupriya leaves her home and comes to stay with Ma.
1931, Bajitpur Visit to Bajltpur with others and bringing earth from the place of her sadhana Bhaiji given sacred thread. Meeting with Siddhi Ma.
1932, Ramna Replacement of the images of Annapurna and others by new ones through Ma's own gold ornaments.
1932, Siddheswari Installation of Shivalinga upon the altar in Siddheswari Ashram by Bholanathji during Ma's birthday function. Leaves Dhaka on an unknown journey with Bholanathji and Bhaiji.
1932, June, Dehradun Ma arrives at Raipur, Dehradun and resides in the old Shiva temple. Saving Bhaiji miraculously from drowning in the Ganga in Varanasi-though Ma at Raipur her clothes got wet.
1933, March, Dehradun Hariram Joshi meets Ma for the first time. Ma's visit to Mussouri. Bholanathji sent to Badrinath. Visit to Uttar Kashi for the first time with Bhaiji.
1933, July, Dehradun Pd. Jawaharlal Nehru's mother and wife Kamala Nehru came to Ma at Anand Chowk temple for the first time.
1934, 14th January, Dehradun Gurupriya Didi and Manorama Didi given new names.
1934, March, Solan Visits Solan and stays in Salogra Temple cave. Meeting with Shogi Baba and Raja Durga Singh.
1934, March, Kankhal Gurupriya Didi's father Sashanka Mohan Mukherjee receives Sanyas from Swami Mangal Gin and named Swami Akhandananda Giri, Ma resides in Giriji's Ashram.
1934, June, Mussouri Smt. Kamala Nehru stays near Ma during the night Ma gives her gold bangles. Construction of temple at Uttar Kashi commenced through Bholanathji.
1935, Dehradun Ma visits Doonga for the first time at the request of Choudhury Sher Singh. Birth day at Kishenpur on the new land purchased for Ashram. Visits Yogendra Nagar and stays in Tarananda Swami's Ashram.
1935, August, Uttar Kashi Inauguration of New Kali Mandir.
1935, October, Almora Ma visits Almora with Bhaiji - meets Smt. Kamala Nehru at Bhowali T. B Sanatorium. Ma visits Etawah, Faizabad. Ayodhya and Varanasi.
1935, October, Varanasi Ma resides in Pandey Dharamshala. Meeting with Swami Vishuddhananda Paramahansa and Babu Bhagwan Das.
1935, December, Tarapeeth Sangya Devi wife of Rabindranath Tagore's brother meets Ma. Muslim priest named "Prem Gopal" by Ma.
1935, December, Calcutta Swami Yogananda Paramahansa meets Ma
1935, December, Tarapeeth Vimala Ma and Anand Bhai meets Ma.
1936, 14th January, Tarapeeth Gurupriya Didi and Marani receives sacred thread, Ma visits Berhampur at the request of Abani Mohan Sharma. Ma visits Vrindavan and resides at Burdwan Kunj for the first time.
1936, May, Dehradun Birthday function in the new ashram at Kishenpur. The famous wrestler Ram Murti meets Ma
1936, May, Solan Raja Durga Singh named ‘Yogi Bhai."
1936, May, Simla Ma visits the famous Kali Mandir-Bengali devotees drawn close to her, 
1936, Srirampur Ma leaves for an unknown journey alone with Viraj Mohini Didi. Visits Puri -meets the renowned Vaishnava saint Shyam Das Babaji. Visits Agra. Mathura. Vrindavan, Sultanpur Ayodhya. Luckhow, Naimisharanya. Bareilly. Nainital. Etawah. Delhi, Amritsar. Lahore, etc. Occurrence of various noteworthy incidents during the long trip. Returns to Nabadwip via Tarapeeth. Assam, Rajsahi with Bholanathji.
1937, January, Nabadwip Bansi Das Baba and Seva Dasi. a Vaishnava devotee meet Ma. Kirtan on the bank of river Suradhuni.
1937 January,Chittagong Kirtan in RajRajeswari temple. Visit to Shankar Mutt, Sita Kund and to Bhaiji's home. Hindus and Muslims both attracted to Ma, Reception of Ma at Cox Bazar with elephants. The famous picture of Ma taken on sea-side. Visit to Buddha Temple and Vishnu Temple at Ramkut.
1937, April,Nainital Visit to Almora with an American lady. Invited to visit Kailash by local girls of the hills.
1937, April, Bareilly Picture of Ma taken in the form of Krishna.
1937, April, Calcutta Dilip Kumar Roy meets Ma for the first time.
1937, April, Kheora Visits her birthplace. Birth day function in Ramna Ashram.
1937, June, Almora Departure for Kailash and Man Sarovar with Bholanathji, Bhaiji, Akhandanandaji. Gurupriya Didi and others. Reception at Askot by the ruling family. Ruma Devi, disciple of Sarda Ma, the wife of Rama Krishna Paramahansa and the famous Narayan Swami meet Ma. Bhaiji receives Sanyas Mantra from Ma's lips on the bank of Man Sarovar. Parikrama of Mount Kailash. Five sadhus in their astral bodies move with Ma. Pooja rites performed at Gaurikund. Bhaiji gets ill on way back.
1937, August, Almora Ma returns from the Kailash journey. Bhaiji remains seriously ill and he leaves his body on 17th of August. Body given samadhi in Patal Devi. Various yogic Kriyas in Ma's body and Ma goes into a long-drawn peculiar state of health.
1937, September, Gujarat Journey towards the bank of river Narmada with Swami Ashimananda. Many Gujarati families closely drawn to Ma.
1937,September, Tarapeeth In Tarapeeth with Swami Akhandananda, Bholanathji and Ruma Devi.The famous - "Krishna Kanhaiya Bansi bajaiya" sung by Ma for the first time.
1937, December, Calcutta Death of Ma's father Bipinbehari Bhattacharya at the age of seventy one-receives sanyas mantra at the end.
1938. January, Haridwar Dr. Pitambar Pant dedicates his house to Ma, renamed "Anandamayi Sevasadan". Kumbh Mela at Haridwar.The famous saint Kiran Chand Daflreshji meets Ma.
1938. January, Dehradun Pd. Govind Ballabh Pant meets Ma. Bholanathji seriously ill in Kishenpur Ashram and leaves body on 6th May. Body immersed in Ganga in Haridwar.
1938,September, Mussouri Dalai Lama sings before Ma.
1938, September, Haridwar Establishment of Kanya-Ashram (Kanya Peeth) in Seva Sadan
1938, October, Kheora The ashram plot at Kheora donated by the wife of Lakshmi Charan Bhattacharya, whole night Kirtan at the birth place.
1938, October 1 Visit to Allahabad, distinguished persons like Sir T. B. Sapru, Dr. Panna Lall, C.Y. Chintamani, Justice Verma, Justice Mullali, Dr. N. P. Asthana. P. N. Sapru, L. D. Joshi and Dr. Tarachand meet Ma.
1938, 20th October, Calcutta Netaji Subhash Ch. Bose meets Ma and had a discussion at Dakshineswar.
1938, October, Ramna Making of a pillow filled with hair of women and men devotees.
1938, November, Deoghar Visit to the Ashram of Balananda Maharaj.
1939, January, Gujarat Visit to different places on the bank of the Narmada. Returned to Nabadwip via Baroda, Ratlam, Mathura and leaves for 13 days in a boat alone with Ruma Devi.
1939, April, Haridwar Ma's mother receives sanyas from Swami Mangal Giri named Muktananda Giri.
1939, May, Uttar Kashi On foot towards Uttar Kashi via Mussouri. Birth day pooja on way by Gurupriya Didi at Dharasu and final pooja at Uttar Kashi Ashram. Ma proceeds on foot for Gangotri, meets Swami Krishnashram at Gangotri. Swami Paramananda, who later on joined the Ashram, made all arrangements for Ma.
1939 August Returns to Ramna Ashram via Simla, Calcutta, Berhampur. Visits Kheora during Jhoolan function, Visits Sultanpur. Vidyakut, Chittagong etc. and creates an atmosphere of Joy everywhere
1939, October Leaves Dhaka and reaches Suket in Punjab via Calcutta, Jamshedpur, Varanasi, and Simla. Ma given royal reception at Suket. Visits Baijnath, Jwalamukhi, Kangra, Amritsar Golden Temple.
1940, February, Puri Construction of new Ashram in Puri.
1940, May,Dehradun Janmotsva in Kishenpur.
1940, August, Kheora Shiva pratistha in Ma's birth place at Kheora on Jhoolan Purnima day.
1940, October The old Shiva Mandir In Raipur, Dehradun along with adjoining land donated in Ma's name by the village people.
1941, May, Raipur Birth day function at Raipur Ashram. Establishment of Ma Anandamayi Vidyapeeth in Kishenpur Ashram. The renowned Yogi Loknath Brahmachari appears before Ma in astral body. Jamnalal Bajaj closely connected with Gandhiji, comes to Ma, gets very much drawn to her and remains for nine days. Writes to Gandhiji about his experiences.
1942, February, Wardha Ma visits Gopuri and Sevagram after the demise of Jamna Lal Bajaj, meets Gandhiji and remains in the Ashram with him. Noted persons like, Vinoba Bhave, Rajendra Prasad, Kasturba Gandhi and others meet Ma for the first time.
1942, May, Dehradun. Birthday function at Raipur Ashram, and also Durga Pooja in October.
1943, March Shri Prabhudutt Brahmachari comes to Ma at Vindhyachal.
1943, May, Almora Construction of Samadhi Mandir of Bhaiji and rooms for Ma at Pataldevi. Ma stays at Almora, Birthday function there. The famous dancer Udai Shankar meets Ma and invites her to his Culture Centre. An Austrian lady Blanca Schiamm meets Ma.
1943, Dehradun Ma attends Bhagawat function at Dehradun at the request of Prabhudutt Brahmachari, First presence of Ma In the association of sadhus. Hari Babaji Maharaj also meets Ma for the first time.
1943, October Meeting with Yasoda Ma at Mirtola, Durga Pooja in Almora Ashram.
1944, January, Allahabad Ma visits the Ashram of Shri Prabhudattaji. Proceeds by air to Delhi with him. Attends the havan ceremony in Delhi, organised by Swami Karpatri Maharaj. Also visits the Ashram of Shri Uriya Baba at Vrindavan.
1944, February Meeting with Pd. Madan Mohan Malaviya at Allahabad.
1944, March Ma puts her feet on the new Ashram land at Varanasi and attends the first Vasanti Durga Pooja held in the Ashram land in the presence of noted mahatmas, Prabhudattaji, Chakrapaniji and others.
1944, April, Dehradun Foundation laid of the new Ashram at Kalyan Van.
1944, May, Almora Inauguration of the Ashram at Pataldevi, Almora and Ma's birthday function.
1944, July, Calcutta Establishment of the first Ashram in Calcutta at Ekdalia Road, Ballygunje.
1944, 8th September Swami Akhandanandaji passes away in Varanasi.
1944, October Ma visits Allahabad, attends Durga Pooja in Krishna Kunj and also at the ashram of Sri Gopal Thakur.
1944, November Ma attends the Havan function at Assi Ghat, Varanasi organised by Swami Karapatrji.
1944, December The first Geeta Jayanti at Vindhyachal Ashram organised by Sri Gopal Thakur in Ma's presence
1945, January Ma visits Dwarka, meets Shankaracharaya of Shardamath..
1945, January, Varanasi Ma visits Sarnath, Dr. Mahendralal Sarkar, the renowned Philosopher had philosophical discussion with Ma.
1945, April, Varanasi Second Basanti Pooja at the new Ashram at Varanasi. Inauguration of Smriti Mandir in the ashram in memory of Swami Akhandananda.
1945, May, Dhaka Birthday function in Ramna Ashram.
1946, April Inauguration of the temple dedicated to Shri Bholanathji.
1946, May, Calcutta Ma visits along with Sri Hari Baba and other Saints Birthday function of Ma in the new Ashram at Ekdalia Road, Calcutta, The centenarian scholar Rasik Mohan Vidya Bhushan meets Ma. Hari Baba also present in the birthday programme.
1946, October, Solan Ma visits Solan during the Durga Pooja at the request of Raja Durga Singh.
1946, October, Delhi Ma attends Gandhiji's prayer meeting in Birla House, New Delhi on his special request.
1947, January The three year long Akhanda Gayatri Maha Yagna begins in Varanasi Ashram in Ma's divine presence.
1947, May, Varanasi Birthday function in Varanasi
1947, May,Dehradun Pd. Jawahar lal Nehru comes to Ma with Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. The life of Ramlal, son of a devotee of Ma. saved through Ma's grace. Many supernatural incidents happened in this connection.
1947, July, Dehradun Establishment of Panchvati in Kalyan Van.
1947, October, Jalpaiguri Durga Pooja celebrated at Boda, Jalpaiguri.
1948, May Birthday in Delhi at Dr. J. Sen's house in the presence of many renowned mahatmas.
1948, June, Almora Ma visits Almora along with mahatmas and also proceeds to Dhaulchina, Barechina, and Jageswar.
1949, January, Punjab Ma in Ambala, welcomed by many mahatmas. Meeting with the famous saint Triveni Puriji Maharaj.
1949, April, Dehradun The renowned saint of Uttar Kashi Devi Giriji Maharaj visits Kishanpur Ashram and resides near Ma.
1949, May Birthday in Kishanpur Ashram. Many mahatmas participate in the same, The famous singer Pd. Omkar Nath Thakur comes to Ma. Inauguration of new ashram at Raipur named "Tapalaya" built over the land purchased by late Jamna Lal Bajaj. Inauguration of new blocks also in Kalyan Van.
1950, January, Varanasi Concluding function of the three year long Gayatri Maha Yagna. Ten thousand feeding of brahmins, procession in the city along with various mahatmas.
1950, April, Haridwar Ma participates in Purna Kumbh at Haridwar.
1950, July, Varanasi Opening of the new Viraja Mandir at Varanasi Ashram.
1950, October Durga Pooja at Berhampur in Ma's presence organised by Maharaja of Cossimbazar.
1950, Varanasi Opening of the new Annapurna Temple in Ma's presence during Diwali.
1951, January Collin Turnbull of Scotland and Jack Unger from U.S.A. come to Ma in Varanasi Ashram.
1951, April, Anand Kashi Ma visits Anand Kashi during Navaratri at the request of Rajmata of Tehri and installs Shiva Linga in the old temple.
1951, May, Punjab Birthday celebration in different places of Punjab, Jallandhar, Doraha and other places.
1951, May Ma visits Mandi State at the request of Raja Jogendra Singh, befitting reception at Jogendra nagar. Kullu and Manali.
1951, October Durga Pooja in Varanasi Ashram in Ma's presence. Kanyapeeth Shilpa Pratisthan block and Shishu Kalyan Centre opened through donation from Rajmata Tehri.
1952, January, Calcutta Ma visits Dr. S. Radha Krishnan who was ill in Calcutta hospital.
1952, February, Haridwar Installation of Shiva Linga in Ma's presence in Baghat House.
1952, May Ma's birthday celebration at Khanna. Punjab.
1952, 6th August, Varanasi The first Sanyam Saptah in Ma's presence in Varanasi Ashram at the initiative of Raja Durga Singh (yogi Bhai). The famous scholar-saint Swami Shankar Bharati meets Ma through divine orders.
1952, October Durga Pooja in Allahabad at the residence of Sri Baleswar Prasad, a devotee of Ma.
1952, 20th October Ma leaves for the South India tour from Puri Ashram along with Hari Baba, Avadhootji and others. Special reception in Madras, Meeting with Mother in Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry. Visit to the ashram of Maharshi Raman at Tiruvannamalai. Visit to Rameswar-a sadhaka in astral body accompanies Ma to Rameswar for darshana. Public reception of Ma in Bangalore.
1953, 26th January Ma returns to Vindhyachal after visiting Kanyakumari. Pandharpur, Pune, Bombay. Ahmedabad, Junagadh, Prabhas, Poirbunder, Dwarka, Rajkot, Morvi, Bhavnagar. Baroda.
1953, 30th January Second Sanyam Saptah in Vindhyachal Ashram.
1953, 26th February Inauguration of several new Kutias for sadhus in Vrindavan Ashram Ma attends the opening of Manav Seva Sangh ashram founded by Swami Saranananda.
1953, 2nd May, Haridwar Ma's birthday celebration in Baghat house till 31St May.
1953, July, Almora Ma visits Almora. History of the old "Toon-Tree" suddenly withering away. emancipation of a great soul residing in the tree.
1953, November Third Sanyam Saptah in Calcutta city from 14th to 20th.
1954, February, Allahabad Kumbha Mela In Allahabad. Hundred of pilgrims crushed to death. Premonition to Ma-ashram devotees saved.
1954, 16th April, Almora Installation in Ma's presence of Shiva Linga over Bhaiji's Samadhi.
1954, 9th August, Varanasi The idol of Gopalji comes to Ma.
1954, 19th August, Chunar Planting of five trees near Chunar Fort at the site where some supernatural incidents had happened years before.
1954, 26th August, New Delhi The new ashram at Kalkaji, New Delhi inaugurated in Ma's presence, Raja Gaznafar All Khan, the Pakistan High Commissioner becomes greatly moved through meeting Ma.
1954, 22nd Sep, Ranchi Durga Pooja in Ma's presence in the Ashram.
1954, 13th October Ma visits Khanna, near Ludhiana, at the request of Krishnanand Abhdhootji. The Dy. High Commissioner of Pakistan meets Ma and gets into trance, begins reciting Quranic verses.
1954, 18th-24 November, Bombay The fourth Sanyam Saptah begins in Ma's presence at Juhu sea-beach. Sri B.K. Shah makes the arrangements along with Sri S.N. Sopory.
1954, 10th December, Ahmedabad Ma attends Bhagawat Saptah in the lawn of K. C. Munshaw.
1954, 22nd December Ma visits Bhopal at the request of Sri S. N. Aga, I.G. P. Senior dignitaries meet Ma.
1955, 5th January Inauguration of new ashram at Rajgir.
1955, 6th March, Vrindavan Installation of the images of Nitai and Gauranga in Vrindavan in the presence of Ma and various mahatmas. Ma receives injury on her foot-some supernatural incident behind the same.
1955, May, Solan Ma's birthday celebration in Solan at the request of Raja Durga Singh (Yogi bhai), Many mahatmas and dignitaries participate in the same. Ma gives new names to certain Ashram brahmacharis.
1955, 14th August Ma visits Gwalior Palace at the request of Rajmata Scindia.
1955, 19th October Durga Pooja in Calcutta city in Ma's presence.
1955, 13th November Installation in Ma's presence of the image of Kali in Ranchi Ashram.
1955, November, Delhi Fifth Sanyam Saptah in New Delhi Kali Bari from 22nd to 28th November.
1955, 7th December Delhi Ma visits the residence of Dr. Radha Krishnan at his request.
1955, 18th December Ma brings the ailing Hari Babaji to Delhi for treatment by air from Amritsar.
1956, 13th February, Varanasi Several distinguished persons like the Swiss Professor Dr. Boss, the famous linguist Dr. Arnold Bake, the French write'., Jean Herbert and Violet Sydney come to Ma.
1956, 10th March Installation of five Siva Lingas in the newly constructed temple in Vrindavan Ashram.
1956, 13th April The first Sanyas Utsava of Muktananda Giriji (Mataji's mother) in Varanasi Ashram.
1956, 18th April Function of the Anandamayi Karuna and Shishu Kalyan Centre in Ma's presence. Feeding of Harijans of the city.
1956, May, Varanasi The famous Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Ma commences from 2nd May and concludes on 24th May. Renowned mahatmas and distinguished devotees from all over India attend the function. The memorable function of weighing of Ma (Tula Dan)one thousand Chandi Path etc included in the programme. Ma's special Pooja sitting upon a big lion-throne made of eight metals, constructed as per wishes of Sri Avadhootji.
1956, 22nd June, Rishikesh Ma visits Parmarth Niketan at the request of Swami Sadanand. Grand reception by mahatmas. Ma visits Sivananda Ashram and meets Swami Shivanandaji.
1956, June Ma visits Ananda Kashi.
1956, 18th October, Gaya Ma attends Arti in Vishnu Pada temple and also Bodh Gaya. Feels the presence of Lord Buddha through divine smell.
1956, November Sixth Sanyam Saptah in Saptarishi Ashram, Haridwar from12th to 18th November.
1957, 15th February Ma visits Kuchaman Fort at the request of Raja Pratap Singh. Royal reception given to Ma.
1957, 27th February, Vrindavan Inauguration of the newly constructed Geeta Bhawan and Bhagawat Bhawan in Ma's presence.
1957, 17th March Ma visits. Modinagar along with Hari Baba and Avadhootji at the request of Seth G. M. Modi and attends week-long programme.
1957, May, Ahmedabad Birthday celebration in Ahmedabad at the request of Sri M. M. Thakore from 2nd to 10th May.
1957, August,Dehradun Ma remains physically unwell. Earnest prayer by all concerned, including saints in astral bodies for her quick recovery.
1957, 14th November, New Delhi The famous American Film star Jennifer Jones meets Ma and gets very much Impressed.
1957, 20th November The seventh Sanyam Saptah in New Delhi Ashram.
1957, 29th November New Delhi The first Nan Yagna in the newly constructed Nam Brahma Mandir in Kalkaji ashram in Ma's presence. Ma visits the residence of the Defence Minister Jag Jivan Ram at his special request. His wife feeds Ma.
1958, 14th April, Calcutta Inauguration of the new Ashram at Agarpara in Ma's presence.
1958, 30th April, Calcutta Ma's birthday celebration held in the new ashram from 2nd to 7th May.
1958, 15th June Solan. The news of the passing away of Swami Shankar Bharati reaches Ma
1958, 14th September, Varanasi Bal Gopal function in Varanasi at the initiative of Dr. Gopal Das Gupta. Each child given an idol of Gopalji.
1958, 20th October, Allahabad Ma attends Durga Pooja at the residence of Sri Baleswar Prasad.
1958, 13th November Eighth Sanyam Saptah at Swadeshi House, Kanpur at the invitation of Jaipuria family.
1959,7th January Ma visits Jhalawar State in Rajasthan at the request of Sri A. Mohan Lal, Chief Secretary. Ma given tremendous reception.
1959.13th April, Haridwar Ma attends a programme at Saptarishi Ashram. Pd. Jawahar Lal Nehru meets Ma there after several years.
1959, l3th April, Rishikesh Ninth Sanyam Saptah from 15th-22nd April at Ramnagar, Rishikesh organised by Kali Kamli Trust. Hundreds of sadhus attend the programme. Daya Mata, disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda and President of the Self Realisation Fellowship meets Ma.
1959, May, Dehradun Ma's birthday function in Kishanpur Ashram from 3rd to 25th May.
1959, 24th August, New Delhi Pd. Jawahar Lal Nehru comes to Kalkaji Ashram to meet Ma. Several famous photographs taken even without his knowledge.
1959, 15th September Daya Mata comes to the Varanasi Ashram and meets Ma.
1959, 3rd October Durga Pooja celebration in Varanasi by Rani Sahiba, Mandi.
1959, 7th October, Varanasi Sri V. V. Giri, Governor, U. P. and subsequently. President of India, came for Ma's darshan and had a long interview.
1959, October. Holding of a special week of individual sadhana at Vindhyachal ashram in Ma's presence.
1959. Calcutta Tenth Sanyam Saptah in Agarpara Ashram in Ma's presence from 8th to 14th November.
1960, January, Allahabad Ma attends the Ardh Kumbh Mela and participates in the three principal bathing functions.
1960, 10th March, Haridwar Ma in the ashram of Sri Ganesh Dutt Goswami. Sri G. S. Aayengar Speaker of the Parliament, comes to Ma with his family.
1960, 13th April Ma resides in Anand Kashi for three weeks. Swami Puroshottam Tirtha of Vasistha Gufa meets Ma and invites her to visit his ashram. Ma also visits the newly constructed bungalow at Mussouri, built for her by Rajmata of Tehri.
1960, May Birthday celebration in Bombay at the residence of Sri. B. K. Shah from 2nd to 14th May.
1960. May, Pune Sri Dilip Kumar Roy and the famous singer Hira Bai Barodkar sing before Ma, Sri K. N. Katju. Chief Minister M. P. and Sri G. L. Nanda, Home Minister, Govt. of India came for Ma's darshan
1960, July, Delhi Guru Purnima function in Kalkaji Ashram. Sir. C. P. N. Singh. Ex Governor, Punjab, S. Dutt, Foreign Secretary, Bhagwan Sahay, Chief Commissioner, Delhi, J. K, Birla and others came for Darshan.
1960, September, Calcutta Durga Pooja in Agarpara Ashram
1960, 21-27th October, Naimisharanya Eleventh Sanyam Saptah at Naimisharanya Ashram and subsequently one hundred eight Bhagawat Saptah took place. The incident of a sweepers given costly saree by Ma and doing Ma's Arti out of gratefulness.
1960, 25th December, Calcutta Mr. James George, High Commissioner for Canada meet Ma with his family at Agarpara Ashram.
1961, 5th February, Haridwar Three Brahmacharis of the ashram given Naishthik Brahmacharya as per Ma's instruction and remains at Baghat House.
1961, 28th February, Delhi Dr. Rajendra Prasad, President of India, Dr. Kuta, Ambassador for Switzerland, Mr. Brohi, the Pakistan High Commissioner and Raihana Taiyabji comes for darshan. Ma attends Kasturba Memorial function in Delhi at Raihana Taiyabji's request, 
1961, 3rd April, Haridwar, Kankhal Ma at the residence of Sri Nitai Basu Mallick, named Shanti Niketan, subsequently donated to the ashram.
1961, 17th April, Gwalior Ma visits Gwalior at the invitation of Rajmata on the occasion of inauguration of the temple in the memory of late Maharaja, Ma visits the famous Scindia Public School.
1961, May, Allahabad Birthday celebration of Ma at the residence of Sri N. N. Mukherjee (District Judge, retied.) from 2nd to 4th May. Prime Minister Nehru attends the programme with Indira Gandhi.
1961.16th May, Bombay Cancer operation in Tata Hospital of Pd. Gopinath Kaviraj as per Ma's arrangements.
1961, 9th June, Pune The Ashram land in Pune on Ganesh Khind Road donated by Bhagwan Das Nagpal. Ma takes rest in Pune for six weeks. President Dr. Rajendra Prasad comes for darshan with Sri Prakash, Governor, Maharastra, Ma had premonition of the sudden flood.
1961, 15th July, Bangalore Ma visits Bangalore at the request of Sri S. R. Das Gupta, Chief Justice, Mysore. Leaves for Calcutta via Madras.
1961, September, Delhi Ma visits Rashtrapati Bhawan at the request of Dr. Rajendra Prasad and remains there for a few hours, also had her meals there. Ma also visits Prime Minister's house at the special request of Pd. Nehru.
1961, October, Kanpur Durga Pooja at Swadeshi House in Kanpur in Ma's presence from 15th to 20th October, Sri Daya Mata again comes to meet.
1961, 9th to 15th November, Muzaffarnagar Twelfth Sanyam Saptah at the famous place for pilgrimage. Suktal and also Bhagawat Saptah in Ma's presence.
1962, 12th April, Haridwar Ma taken in procession on elephant by sadhus of the Niranjani Akhara on the eve of Kumbha Mela at Haridwar. Three ashramites takes sanyas from Muktananda Giriji.
1962, 27th April, Dehradun Pd. Nehru visits Kishenpur along with his sister Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit.
1962, May, Dehradun Ma's birthday celebration from 2nd to 23rd May. Feeding of lepers, Ma resides at the new Sadhan Ashram, donated by Sri R. C. Sood.
1962, 9th June,Dehradun Swami Santanandaji. Shankaracharaya of Jyotir Math comes to Ma and delivers lecture.
1962, 12th September. Delhi Smt. Tarakeswari Sinha, Sri Bhagwan Sahay Chief Commissioner, Delhi Mr. M. Rehman, Pakistan High Commissioner and his wife and Prof. Humayun Kabir, Education Minister came for darshan.
1962, 21st October, Ranchi Inauguration of new Kali Mandir during Kali Pooja in Ma's presence.
1962, November, Pilani Thirteenth Sanyam Saptah at Pilani organised by J.K. Birla from 5th to 11th November.
1962, 14th November, Delhi Ma visits Prime Minister's House without information to bless Pd. Nehru on his birthday.
1963, 23rd January Ma visits Modinagar at the request of Sri G. M. Modi for the inauguration of Lakshmi Narain Mandir.
1963, 16th March, Karauli Ma in Karauli at the invitation of the Karauli Raj family.
1963, May, Calcutta Birthday celebration in Agarpara Ashram, Swami Santananda Shankaracharaya, Joshi Math also attends.
1963, 12th August, Varanasi Shri Gopalji installed on the new sandalwood throne in Ma's presence in Anand Jyoti Mandir.
1963, 16th October Durga Pooja festival In Ma's presence in Varanasi at the residence of her younger brother Sri Jadu Nath Bhattacharya.
1963, November, Bombay Ma attends Bhagawat Saptah in Gwalior Raj Palace in Bombay.
1963, November, Ahmedabad Fourteenth Sanyam Saptah at Ahmedabad from 23rd to 29th November at the residence of Sri K. C. Munshaw. Severe storm during programme. The entire pandal falls down but everyone saved through Ma's special direction and kheyala.
1964, 29th February, Delhi Ma visits Prime Minister's House to see ailing Nehru, the last meeting.
1964, May, Almora Ma visits Almora after ten years. Birthday function from 3rd to 30th May.
1964, 15th July Installation of Rama and Sita in newly built temple at Kalyanban.
1964, 25th August Ma resides at Sadhan Ashram for three nights
1964, 8th September Ma visits Sivananda Ashram on the occasion of Rishikesh Centenary celebration of Swami Shivanandaji Maharaj.
1964, 11th October, Vrindavan Durga Pooja in Vrindavan Ashram.
1964, November, Vrindavan Fifteenth Sanyam Saptah In Vrindavan from 11th to18th November.
1964, 27th November, Vrindavan  Km. Buni, a very old Sevika of Ma passes away in Ma's presence.
1964, 14th December Inauguration of Ram Mandir built by Maharani Mysore inside Vrindavan Ashram.
1965, 14th January, Varanasi Foundation stone laying ceremony of Mata Anandamayee Hospital in Ma's presence.
1965, February Ma visits Niramoy T. B. Sanatorium at Giri Danga. West Bengal. and attends the opening of Shiv Mandir
1965, 20th February The new Shiv temple in Rajgir Ashram inaugurated in Ma's presence.
1965, 27th March, Bhopal Ma visits the new Ashram at Bairagarh at the invitation of Sir Datar Singh. The Begum of Bhopal State met Ma and immensely delighted and recites from the Quran
1965, May, Ranchi Birthday celebration in Ranchi Ashram.
1965, 30th June, Puri Ma visits Puri on the occasion of the famous chariot festival of Sri Jagannathj.
1965, 23rd September Durga Pooja in Agarpara Ashram in Ma's presence.
1965, 1st to 7th November, Hazaribagh Ma visits Hazaribagh. Sixteenth Sanyam Saptah there sponsored by Sri Jagannath Roy.
1965, 24th November, Varanasi. Sri Biswanath Das, Governor, U.P., Chief Minister Sucheta Kripalini and Union Health Minister, Dr. Sushila Nayyar come to Ma.
1966, January, Allahabad Ma in Allahabad Kumbh Mela. Smt. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister, Sri G. L. Nanda, Home Minister, Dr. Sushila Nayyar, Health Minister and Sri G. S. Pathak, Law Minister all came for Ma's darshan.
1966, 13th April, Delhi Ma visits Prime Minister's House at the request of Smt. Indira Gandhi. The whole family pays respect, to Ma.
1966, May, Dehradun Birthday celebration in the compound of Sri M. L. Khaitan from 3rd to 8th May.
1966, 16th May, Dehradun Car accident in Dehradun town, slight injury in Ma's hand-all saved through Ma's grace.
1966, September, Vrindavan Inauguration of Chhaliya Temple in Vrindavan Ashram and installation of images of Radha Krishna at the wishes of Rajmata Gwalior and Yogibhai of Solan.
1966, October, Bombay Durga Pooja at the residence of Sri B.K. Shah in Ma's presence.
1966, November,Vrindavan Seventeenth Sanyam Saptah at Vrindavan Ashram at the request of Maharaja and Maharani of Bhavnagar from 20th to 26th November. The Queen Mother of Greece and Princess Irene come for Ma's darshan.
1966,27th November Katyayani Pooja in Vrindavan Ashram in Ma's presence by Sri Narendra Brahmachari of Baidyanath Dham, Deoghar.
1967, May, Kanpur Ma's birthday celebration in Kanpur at the request of the Jaipuria family. Pd. Ram Kinkarji does the Ramayan Katha.
1967, October, Vrindavan Durga Pooja celebration in Vrindavan, organised by Sri Suresh Mahindra, son-in-law of Raja Mandi.
1967, November, Vrindavan Eighteenth Sanyam Saptah in Vrindavan Ashram in Ma's presence. Shri G.S. Pathak, Governor of Karnataka and his wife, M. S. Subhulakshmi, the famous singer and Sri Gopala Reddy, Governor, U.P. came to meet Ma.
1967, December Opening of the new Puran Mandir at Naimisharanya, built through the efforts of Sri Manubhai Bhlmani.
1968, 24th April, Varanasi Sri Mohanananda Brahmachari comes to meet Ma. Ma attends the progamme of Sri Dilip Kumar Roy at the residence of Dr. Gauri Nath Sastri. Ma visits Dr. Sampurnananda, who was lying ill.
1968, 30th April, Varanasi Inauguration of Ananda Jyoti Mandir in Varanasi Ashram in the presence of Hari Babaji and others-installation of the idol of Gopalji in the ground floor of the new temple.
1968, May, Varanasi Ma's birthday from 3rd to 5th May, in the presence of many mahatmas.
1968, 30th July, Dehradun Ma enters the new bungalow specially built for her In the premises of Sri Khaitan.
1968, 25th August, Varanasi Swami Sachidanandji, Head Integral Yoga Institute in New York came for Ma's darshan with his group.
1968, 23rd September, Dehradun Ma attends Navaratra Durga Pooja ceremony at the residence of Sri Khaitan.
1968, November, Dehradun Nineteenth Sanyam Saptah in Ma's presence from 29th October to 4th November.
1968, November, Nalmisharanya Ma attends the two week long Bhagawat discourses by Swami Akhandanandaji at Nalmisharanya, attended by principal mahatmas, Hari Babaji. Swami Sharananandaji. Swami Govind Prakashji and others.
1968, December, Delhi Ma attends a big religious conference at Subhash Ground, Delhi at the request of Hari Babaji from 7th to 16th December.
1968, 26th December, Varanasi Mata Anandamayee Hospital formally inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi in Ma's divine presence. Smt. Gandhi visited Ananda Jyoti Mandir also.
1969, 18th February Ma visits Bandh In Anup Sahar at the request of Sri Hari Babaji, given tremendous ovation.
1969, 6th March, Gwalior Ma in Gwalior at the request of Rajmata Scindia.
1969, May, Bombay Ma's birthday celebration at the residence of Sri B.K. Shah. Christian lady saint Mother Anna Huberta and two Roman Catholic Nuns and the Muslim Kamu Baba came to meet Ma and had discussion in private.
1969, 29th May, Ahmedabad Ma visits Raj Bhawan at the request of Governor, Shri Sriman Narayan, son-in-law of Late Jamnalal Bajaj.
1969, 1st August, Bhopal Ma in Bairagarh Ashram. Governor K. C. Reddy, Chief Minister and other officials come for darshan.
1969, 31st August, Dehradun Akhand Ramayan Path in Sadhan Ashram in Ma's presence.
1969, 3rd September, Dehradun A group of disciples of Swami Sivanandaji's organisation in Venezuela came to meet Ma at Kishenpur Ashram.
1969, October, Varanasi Ma attends Durga Pooja at the residence of Sri H. C. Banerjee, Retd. Engineer.
1969, 30th October, Kanpur Inauguration of a new block built for Ma by the Singhanias In the campus of the famous J.K. Temple.
1969, 17th-23rd November Twentieth Sanyam Saptah in Vrindavan Ashram. A group of 65 Americans led by their Guru Sri Subramaniam came for Ma's darshan.
1970, 1st January Sri Hari Babaji, who was seriously ill brought to Varanasi Ashram under Ma's directions. All arrangements for treatment made.
1970, 3rd January, Varanasi Sri Hari Babaji leaves his body in Ma's presence.
1970, 13th January, Varanasi Sri G.S. Pathak, Vice President of India arrives with his family for Ma's darshan.
1970, 16th January, Varanasi The famous saint Gangeswaranandaji comes to meet Ma.
1970, February, Varanasi Two-week long Bhagawat programme by Swami Akhandanandaji in Mata Anandamayi Hospital campus from 21st February to 7th March.
1970, 14th April, Kankhal Inauguration of new Siva Mandir in Kankhal Ashram.
1970, May, Pune Ma's birthday celebration in Pune Ashram. Maharaja of Baroda and Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, the famous scientist came for darshan.
1970, July Ma visits Miraj at the request of Sri T.P. Patel and also to Nipani along with Pd, Gopinath Kaviraj.
1970, August, Haridwar Ma attends Bhagawat Saptah at Jaipuria House, Ramghat from 3rd August.
1970, 9th August, Haridwar Swami Muktananda Giri (Mataji's mother) suddenly leaves her body at about 1-30 a.m. in Ma's presence at Jaipuria House on the bank of Ganga. Body given samadhi in the precincts of the Ashram at Kankhal under the guidance of Mahantji of Nirvani Akhara.
1970, 20th August Special bhandara of sadhus given in Rishikesh at Sivananda Ashram and Kailash Ashram. Ma attends the same. Meeting with the renowned saint Swami Vishnudevananda Giriji of the Kailash Math.
1970, 23rd August Special Pooja, Kirtan etc and feeding of one thousand poor people in this connection.
1970, 25th August About five hundred sadhus fed in Nirvani Akhara, Kankhal and feeding of sadhus and poor in almost all the ashrams of Ma for Swami Muktanandaji.
1970, 9th September Ma visits Gwalior at the request of Rajmata Scindia and attends Bhagawat Saptah by Swami Akhandanandji.
1970, October, New Delhi Special Durga Pooja celebration in Kalkaji Ashram attended by the Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi and many dignitaries like the Congress President Sri Nijalingappa. Acharya Kripalani, Dr. Karan Singh and others.
1970, November, Suktal Twenty first Sanyam Saptah at Suktal from 4th to 10 November organised by Swami Vishnu Ashram.
1970, November, Kanpur Ma attends Bhagawat programme at the request of Sri Padampat Singhania from 14th to 29th November 1970.
1971, 11th January, Varanasi The Canadian Prime minister Pierre Elliot Tredeau comes to have special meeting with Ma. The High Commissioner Mr. James Goerge also accompanied him.
1971, 16th January, Varanasi A group of 25 Brazilian devotees of Swami Sivanandaji come for darshan.
1971, January, Allahabad Ma attends the Ardh Kumbh Mela.
1971, 14th April, Haridwar Mahananda Brahmachari and Vimla didi takes sanyas from Mahant Girdhar Narayanji.
1971, May, Varanasi Birthday celebration in Varanasi Ashram from 3rd May. A number of religious ceremonies performed. Inauguration by Pd. Kamlapati Tripathi, Chief Minister U.P. and also addressed by Maharaja Benaras.
1971, 15th July, Varanasi Indoor section of Mata Anandamayi Hospital started functioning with Mukti Maharaj (Swami Nirgunananda) as the first patient.
1971, 25th September, Dehradun Ma attends Durga Pooja at the residence of Sri Khaitan. First Pooja of Sri Padmanabhji, in the Ashram on Mahashtami day.
1971, October 22nd Sanyam Saptah in Vrindavan Ashram from 26th October to 1st November.
1971, November, Bhopal Bhagawat discourse by Swami Vishnu Ashram at Bairagarh Ashram in Ma's presence from 23rd to 30th November.
1971, December, Kanpur Ma attends Bhagwat programme by Swami Akhandanandaji In Kanpur from 13th to 28th December. Governor Sri Gopala Reddy came to meet Ma.
1972, 4th January, South India Ma leaves for South India from Delhi with a group of 46. Arrives in Madras on 7th. Reception by Smt. Subhalakshmi, Daughter of Sri. Raja Gopalachari and daughter-in-law of Mahatma Gandhi came to meet Ma.
1972,9th January Ma leaves for Trivandrum. Visits the birth place of Sankaracharya at Kaladi, received well by the priests.
1972, 14th January Attends the special function of Padmanabhji, on the occasion of Pongal festival.
1972, 17th March Ma attends the inauguration of a new Shiva Temple in Varanasi Ashram, Sri Narendra Brahmachari of Deogharh comes to meet Ma.
1972, 26th March, Varanasi Sri G.S. Pathak, the Vice-President of India and Governor Sri Gopala Reddy comes for Ma's darshan.
1972, 30th March, Varanasi Sri Nim Karori Baba with Ma.
1972, 29th April, New Delhi Inauguration of Ma's new building in Kalkaji Ashram. Ma's birthday celebration also held till 31st May.
1972,12th July Installation of the images of Shri Radha Krishna in newly constructed temple in Pune Ashram.
1972, 6th September Ma visits Raj Bhawan, Ahmedabad at the request of the Governor, Sri Sriman Narayan.
1972,7th October Durga Pooja in Naimisharanya Ashram in Ma's presence.
1972, 11th November, Haridwar Twenty third Sanyam Saptah at Surat Giri Bunglow, Kankhal from 11th to 17th November organised by M.M. Swami Brahmanandaji Maharaj.
1973, 17th January The renowned saint Swami Gangeswaranandaji installs the Vedas in Naimisharanya Puran Mandir.
1973, February Ma visits Mahabaleswar at the invitation of Sri Rati Lal Nanavati.
1973, March Ma visits the ashram of Sri Narendra Brahmachari at Baidyanathdham on 7th March. Inauguration of Niramoy Poly Clinic in South Calcutta through Ma's hands on 12th March, Ma resides here for two days at the special request of the General Secretary, Dr. G.N. Roy.
1972, 17th March Ma attends the special Holi programme at Gaziabad at the invitation of Sri Sitaram Jaipuria. One hundred twelve Mridang players participate in the Akhand Kirtan with their `Khols'.
1973,24th March, Varanasi The famous saint of Maharashtra, Sri Tanpure Maharaj comes to Ma and appeals for assistance for draught-hit people of Maharashtra, One hundred bags of wheat immediately arranged through Ma's Kheyala.
1973, May, Uttar Kashi Ma's birthday function organised at Kailash Ashram by MM. Swami Vidyanandaji Maharaj from 9th to 22nd May. During this period Ma visits the old naked saint Sri Ramanandaji on the bank of the Ganga on 17th May.
1973, September Durga Pooja commences at Baghat House, Haridwar at the invitation of Maharaja of Nabha.
1973, November Twenty fourth Sanyam Saptah in Vrindavan Ashram in Ma's presence from 3rd to 10th November
1973, November Ma attends a two-week programme in Kanpur at the invitation of Sri Padam Pat Singhania.
1973, 11th December Ma visits Bithoor near Kanpur and stays in Ganga Vihar Dharamshala and at Naini Jaipuria house for a few days.
1974, February, Haridwar Ma taken in the inaugural procession of Kumbh Mela at Haridwar, also attends the second procession on 28th February.
1974, 18th February, Dehradun Installation of Shiva Linga in Sadhan Ashram as per Ma's instruction.
1974, 25th February Ma In Calcutta on the occasion of Bhagawat programme at Jodhpur Park, South Calcutta.
1974, 8th March, Calcutta Ma attends the special procession during the Holi at the invitation of Sri Tarun Kanti Ghosh, Minister, the main organiser.
1974, 25th April The marble statue of Muktananda Giriji (Didima) Installed In Ma's presence in the Shiva Temple.
1974, May BombayBirthday programme In Bombay at the residence of Sri Vissanji from 3rd to 9th May.
1974, May, Pune Ma attends the Bhagawat programme at Pune Ashram by Swami Akhandanandaji. Sri Dilip Kumar Roy comes for darshan with others, Several inmate3 of the 3acred Heart of Christ come for Ma's darshan.
1974, October Durga Pooja In Kankhal Ashram in Ma's presence.
1974, November, Dehradoon Twenty-fifth Sanyam Saptah held in Ram Tirtha Ashram, Rajpur, Dehradun at the special invitation of M.M. Swami Govind Prakashji from 22nd to 28th November.
1974, 1st December Ma attends the Ramayan programme of Pd. Atul Krishna Goswami at Swadeshi House, Kanpur.
1974, 10th December, Kanpur Bhagawat programme of Swami Akhandanandaji in Ma's presence, organised by Sri Singhania.
1975, 14th January Inauguration of new Havan Shala in Naimisharanya Ashram in Ma's presence.
1975, March, Gondal Ma visits Gondal in Saurashtra and also Porbunder.
1975, 14th April Inauguration of the big Satsang Hall at Kankhal.
1975, 14th May Installation of the divine image of Sri Puran Purush in the newly constructed temple in Naimisharanya Ashram.
1975, May, Calcutta Ma's birthday celebration in Agarpara Ashram till 29th May.
1975, June, Assam Ma's visit to Assam. On her way goes to famous Kamaksya Mandir at Gauhati and also remains at Dibrugarh and attends a number of programmes there.
1975, October, Varanasi Durgapuja in Varanasi Ashram. The famous singer Girija Devi, the writer Smt. Ashapnrna Debi and Pd. Kamalapati Tripathi, the Railway Minister, come.
1975, November Kali Pooja at Uttar Kashi Ashram in Ma's presence-hundreds of sadhus given prasad.
1975, November Twenty sixth Sanyam Saptah in Kanpur in Ma's presence at Swadeshi House from 10th to 16th Nov.
1976, 19th February, Varanasi The annual function of Ma. Anandamayi Kanyapeeth held in Ma's presence. Dr.Channa Reddy, Governor, U.P. was the Chief Guest.
1976, 16th May Ma's birthday celebration held in Kankhal Ashram, concluding on 16th May. Thereafter Ma resides in "Ganga Lahari", Guest House of the Birlas at Raiwala on the bank of the Ganga for one week.
1976, June Ma visits Uttar Kashi Kailash Ashram at the invitation of M.M. Swami Vidyanandaji.
1976, 11th August, Kankhal Pd. Sri Ram Sharma, founder of the Gayatri Tapo Bhoomi and Shanti Kunj at Haridwar comes for Ma's darshan with his wife.
1976, August, Calcutta Foundation Pooja of proposed Matri Mandir in Agarpara Ashram on 16th August, Ma visits the ashram of Shri Sitaram Das Omkar Nathji.
1976, September Durga Pooja in Delhi Ashram.
1976, October, Gondal Twenty seventh Sanyam Saptah at Hawa Mahal, Gondal from30th October to 6th November. Ma visits Ranavav at the request of devotees.
1976, November Ma attends religious programme at Karauli, visits the famous temple of Madan Mohanji.
1976, 23rd November Bhagawat Saptah at Hathwa House. Patna in Ma's presence.
1976, December, Ranchi Ma visits Ranchi and resides at Ratu Palace at the invitation of Maharaja.
1976, 29th December Sri Sitaram Das Omkarnathji visits Varanasi Ashram to meet Ma.
1977, January, Allahabad Ma enters the Kumbh Mela ground in procession with the Maha Nirvani Akhara and also joins the processions on all three main bathing days.
1977, February Ma visits Kurukshetra at the request of Sri G.L. Nanda, ex Home Minister and attends Shivaratri function on the bank of Brahma sarovar. Ma also visits the famous temple of Sangameshwar.
1977, February, Ahmedabad Ma attends special Kumbh Mela on the bank of the river Sabarmati at the special request of M.M. Sri Gita Bharatiji. Resides in her new Ashram for four days.
1977, March Ma attends the special Ramayana programme at Chitrakut at the invitation of Sri Sita Ram Jaipuria on 8th March after visiting Varanasi on 5th on account of the Holi Festival in the Ashram.
1977, 19th March, Deoghar Ma visits the ashram of Sri Narendra Brahmacharl along with Swami Akhandanandaji in connection with Annapurna Pooja, remains there for more than a week.
1977, 14th April, Kankhal The centenary celebration of Sri Muktananda Giriji (Mataji's mother) begins.
1977, 17th April The Institute for Pauranic and Vedic Studies and Research, Naimisharanya formally inaugurated in Ma's divine presence.
1977, May, Dehradun Ma's birthday celebration held in Rama Tirtha Ashram, Dehradun from 2nd to 7th May organised by M.M. Swami Govind Prakashji.
1977, 14th May, Kankhal Maharshi Mahesh Yogi comes to meet Ma and requests her to visit Europe and America to give darshan to all.
1977, 19th May, Bareilly Ma attends Bhagawat programme at Paramartha Ashram
1977, 28th May Ma arrives in Almora Ashram after long thirteen years and stays for more than two weeks.
1977, October Ma in Narendra Nagar, the capital of old Tehri State. during the Navaratra celebration at the request of Maharaja of Tehri. Programme of Devi Bhagawat in Ma's presence from 13 to 22nd October.
1977, October Ma in Varanasi on the occasion of Lakshmi Pooja in the Ashram on 26th October and Kali Pooja and Annakut on 10th and 11th November.
1977, November, Badrikashram Twenty eighth Sanyam Saptah held at the invitation of M.M. Swami Brahmanandajl Maharaj of the Sanyas Ashram on the bank of the river Narmada at Badrik ashram from 18th to 25th November.
1977, November Ma in Bhimpura Ashram on the bank of the river Narmada after several years.
1977, 25th December, Bhopal Ma arrives at Bairagarh Ashram after visiting Bombay and Pune.
1977, 31st December Ma at Panch Mari at the invitation of Chief Engineer. Sri N.N. Shah.
1978, 14th January Inauguration of the new Havan Shala in Kankhal Ashram in Ma's presence. The holy fire brought from Varanasi Ashram.
1978, 12th February Saraswati Pooja held in Bhimpura Ashram in Ma's presence.
1978, 14th April, Kankhal The centenary celebration of Swami Muktananda Giriji concludes.
1978,10th May, Kankhal The marble statue of Adi Sankaracharya installed inside a special canopy built in the Central Hall.
1978, 19th May Kankhal Birthday celebration of Ma at the Ashram of M.M. Swami Purnanandaji concluding on 26th May.
1978, October Ma in Gondal during the Durga Pooja from 7th to 11th at the invitation of Maharaja and Maharani of Gondal.
1978, November, Nadiad Twenty ninth Sanyam Saptah held in a grand scale in Sant Ram Mandir complex from 7th to 14th November.
1978, December, 1979, March Ma visits Morvi Palace at the invitation of Rajmata and attends a Bhagawat programme from 4th December.
1979, April, Kankhal Special Holi function in Vrindavan Ashram in Ma's presence for three days. 108 Mridang players took part in the programme. Ma attends the Silver Jubilee Celebration of All India Vedanta Sammelan in the Ashram of M.M. Swami Purnanandaji from 10th to 13th.
1979, 22nd April, New Delhi Installation in Kalkaji Ashram of the image of Golden Kali and marble statue of Muktananda Giriji in the newly constructed temples.
1979, 1st May, Hyderabad Ma visits the residence of Dr. Channa Reddy Chief Minister at Secunderabad for three days.
1979, May, Bangalore Ma's birthday celebration in Bangalore city organised by local devotees headed by Governor, Sri Govind Narain and Elaya Raja Marthanda Verma of Travancore from 5th to 16th. The function inaugurated by the Sankaracharya of Dwarka. The programme attended by renowned spiritual figures of .the South as well as by Smt. Indira Gandhi.
1979, May Ma visits Madras on 17th May and resides in the Raj Bhawan campus at the invitation of Governor, Sri P.D. Patwari. Ma arrives in Bhubaneswar and stays in Raj Bhavan campus at the request of the Governor, Sri B. D. Sharma. Ma arrives in Puri on 22nd after many years. remains at the Ashram at Swargadwar and also attends the famous Chariot Festival of Sri Jagannathji. Remains for more than a month.
1979, September Ma at Kankhal in connection with the Durga Pooja celebration after visiting Jamshedpur and other palaces.
1979, October, Gondal Ma attends the Kali Pooja and Annakut function at the Gondal Palace.
1979, October Thirtieth Sanyam Saptah at Kurukshetra organised by M.M. Swami Ganeshanandaji Maharaj from 28th October to 4th November.
1979, 4th December Ma arrives at Bihar Ghat on the bank of the Ganga at the invitation of Swami Vishnu Ashramji after visiting Modinagar. Special rites arranged by Swami Vishnu Ashramji for Ma's good health.
1980, 28th January, Ahmedabad Saraswati Pooja at the residence of Sri Nanu Bhai Sastri in Ma'3 presence.
1980, 14th April Installation of marble statue of Muktananda Giriji in Ranchi Ashram Temple.
1980, May, Kankhal Birthday celebration of Ma at Kankhal Ashram from 2 to 4th May.
1980, 29th May, Dehradun Ma attends Ati Rudra Yagna at Sri Khaitan's residence.
1980, 9th August Ma in Kuchaman at the invitation of Raja Pratap Singh. Visits the famous Fort on the top of the hill.
1980, September Bhagawat Saptah at Vrindavan Ashram in Ma's presence. Gurupriya Didi's condition gets worse. Ma proceeds for Bombay and takes Didi to Varanasi. Ma returns to Vrindavan on 15th and receives the news of Didi's passing away. Immediately leaves again for Varanasi. Didi given Jal-SamadhL in the Ganga. Ma returns to Vrindavan for the Bhagawat concluding programme.
1980, 6th October Ma visits the famous Udaipur temple at Nath Dwara.
1980, October, Bombay Durga Pooja celebration at the residence of Sri B.K. Shah in Ma's presence.
1980, November Thirty-first Sanyam Saptah in Kailash Ashram, Rishikesh organised by M.M. Swami Vidyanandaji Maharaj from 15th to 22nd November.
1980, December Bhagawat Programme in Varanasi Ashram in Ma's presence from 12th to 19th. Discourses by Swami Vishnu Ashramji Maharaj.
1981, 7th January, Bombay Ma attends the centenary celebration of M. M. Swami Gangeswaranandaji Maharaj. Discourses on Bhagawat by Sri Dongreji Maharaj.
1981, 27th January Ma visits Secunderabad again at the invitation of Dr. Channa Reddy.
1981, 8th March, Calcutta Unannounced visit of Ma to the H.Q. of Ramakrishna Math at Belur in connection with the 145th birthday anniversary of Paramahansaji. Had a special talk with the President of the Math. Swami Visheshwaranandaji.
1981, 10th March, Varanasi The senior Brahinachari Yogeshda receives sanyas in Ma's presence.
1981, May, Kankhal Birthday celebration of Ma at Kankhal from 2nd to 20th.
1981, 8th May Ati Rudra Maha Yagna performed in Kankhal in a grand scale in Ma's presence.
1981, 13th July Inauguration of the new Shiva Mandir at Naimisharanya. Some strange incidents behind the selection of site.
1981, 21st July, Namisharanya Formal opening of the Pauranic Research Institute by Smt. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister in Ma's holy presence. Smt. Gandhi visits the Ashram also.
1981, 13th August Ma visits Porbunder at the invitation of Swami Ashishanandaji.
1981, 23rd August Ma in Morvi State at the request of Rajmata and participates in the Shiva linga installation ceremony.
1981, October Durga Pooja in Kankhal Ashram in Ma's presence from 4th October to 8th.
1981, October, Kankhal Ma receives the news of passing away of Sri Narayan Swamiji in Varanasi Ashram Hospital.
1981, November, Kankhal Thirty-second Sanyam Saptah held in Ma's presence from 4th to 11th November in a very big scale.
1981, 24th November Ma arrives at Patna to attend Bhagawat discourses by Swami Akhandanandaji at Hathwa Palace. After the programme Ma visits the old Palace of the Hathwa State by road at the invitation of Maharani, Chief Minister, Bihar, attends the programme.
1982, 10th January, Allahabad Ma enters the Kumbh Mela area in procession and joins the procession of the mahatmas on two principal bathing days. Main mahatmas of the four Akharas specially received in Ma's camp.
1982, 30th January Ma arrives at Varanasi Ashram from Vindhyachal in connection with Saraswati Pooja in the Ashram.
1982, 31st January Ma arrives at Namisharanya for short rest. Sir C.P.N. Singh, Governor of U. P. visits Ma and lays down the foundation of the Puran Research Institute, New Block.
1982, 20th February Ma reaches Kankhal to attend the Shivaratri programme in Kankhal Ashram.
1982, 26th February Ma reaches Vrindavan Ashram, on way she visits Kalkaji Ashram in New Delhi, Inauguration of the Ashram Charitable Dispensary by Smt. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister in Ma's presence.
1982, March, Vrindavan Sir. C. P. N, Singh, Governor U. P., M. M. Swami Gangeswaranandaji, Maharaja of Jodhpur, Dr. Karan Singh of Kashmir and others come for darshan during Ma's stay. Holi Festival performed in Ma's presence on 9th March, Ma reaches Agartala in Tripura by train from Delhi to Dharma Nagar and then by road on a totally secret visit. Numerous people gather for Ma's darshan at all places on way.
1982,30th March Ma enters the newly built Ashram and the famous temple of Uma Maheswar situated within the Ashram campus. Instals the idol of Goddess Saraswati in Ma's new room and Shiva Linga in the veranda out of her own kheyal. Thousands of residents of Tripura assembled for Ma's darshan.
1982, 31st March, Agartala Ma reaches Calcutta from Agartala and resides at Bhasa, a sort of ashram built for Ma by Sri Bibhuti Chakravorty.
1982, 4th April Ma attends the installation ceremony of Muktananda Giriji's statue in the newly constructed temple at Agarpara. Leaves for Kankhal.
1982, 8th April, Calcutta Ma enters the new bungalow built for her on the bank of the Ganga at the initiative of Sri S. N. Ghosh of Calcutta and his wife.
1982, 26th April, Kankhal Ma reaches Kanpur on a short visit at the request of the Birthday celebration of Ma at Kankhal Ashram from 3rd to11th May.
1982, 29th April Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi comes to have Ma's darshan.
1982, 17th May Shankaracharaya of Sringeri arrives at Kankhal with a big party and resides in the Ashram.
1982, 16th June Ma reaches Kishanpur Ashram from Kankhal in connection with Bhagawat programme by Swami Vishnu Ashramji.
1982, 26th June Shankaracharaya of Sringeri returns to Kishanpur Ashram after the trip to Gangotri and Yamunotri and stays till 2nd July. He had a memorable talk with Ma on the day of his departure relating to Ma's health condition.
1982, 30th June, Dehradun Sri Sitaramdasji Omkarnath arrives from Kanya Kumari on receiving news of Ma's health condition. He repeatedly prays to Ma to have Kheyal for her health.
1982, July, Dehradun Smt. Indira Gandhi visits Ma with her whole family.
1982, 11th July, Dehradun Sri Yogashakti Ma comes from U.S. A. on hearing about Ma's health condition.
1982, 20th July, Dehradun Ma returns to Kishanpur Ashram after her short stay at the residence of Sri Khaitan from 5th July. Dr. K. N. Udupa comes to see Ma and examines her health condition.
1982, 24th July, Dehradun Dr. S. C. Seth of Bombay also comes to see Ma.
1982, 23rd August, Dehradun Swami Krishnanandaji, General Secretary of the Divine Life Society comes from Rishikesh and performs special worship of Ma in the form of Radha out of his spontaneous urge on the Radhasthami Day.
1982, 27th August, Dehradun at about 8 pm Ma completes her lila on this earth and assumes the immutable immanent form.
1982, Saturday 28th August Dehradun Ma brought from Kishenpur Ashram to Kankhal by road in procession. Mahatmas of different orders give her proper ovation on the way
1982, Sunday, 29th August, Kankhal Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi arrives at noon, Ma's divine body given Maha Samadhi at about 1.30 pm near the previous site of an ancient Pipal tree, under which she used to sit on many occasions and give darshan.