1.       Mata tumi, pita tumi, bandhu tumi he,

O You are mother, father and friend


Kali tumi, Shiva tumi, Krishna tumi he.

O You are Kali, Shiva and Krishna


Mahamaya, Durga tumi, tumi Tara he,

O You are Mahamaya,Durga, You are Tara


Mahashakti, Mahadevi, Saraswati he.

O Maha Shakti, Mahadevi, Sarasvati



2.       Tumi Hara, tumi Rama, tumi Brahma he,

O You are Hara, You are Rama, You areBrahma


Tumi yagna, tumi satya, tumi dharma he.

O You are sacrifice, You are Truth, You are righteousness


Priya tumi, priyatara, priyatama he,

O You are lovely, lovelier, loveliest


Manorama anupama anuttama he.

O the enchantress of the mind, incomparable, great



3.          Sundaro sakha tumi chirasathi he,

O You are  beauty, energy, eternal companion


Tabho prema jhare oyi dibarathri he.

O Your love is pouring in day and night


Jivane marane mama tumi pati he,

O You are my lord through births and deaths


Tumi bharta, tumi karta tumi gati he.

O Your are the bearer, You are the doer, You are the goal



4.          Pranarama prabhu tumi abhirama he,

O You are the Lord of my life breath, both inside and outside


Hok prane taba nam abiram he.

Let your name be in each breath without stopping


Mano tumi, prano tumi, buddhi tumi he,

You are the mind, you are the life breath, you are the intelligence;


Sadhana bhajano tumi, siddhi tumi he.

O You are sadhana/spiritual practice, you are attainment




5.          Arupo sarupo tumi sarva rupa he,

O You are formless and with form, you are all forms


Asima sasima tumi aparupo he.

O You are boundless  and finite, You are all the forms


Sakala vyapiya tumi virajichha he,

O You are existing, pervading everywhere


Eka tumi, bahurupe avasthita he,

O You are one, manifesting in myriad forms.




6.       Tumi bodha, tumi jnana tumi atma he,

O You are Consciousness, You are wisdom, You are the soul


Akhila vishvera sara paramatma he.

O You are the essence of the entire Universe, You are Paramatman


Amare jagrata karo anunaya he,

O I pray to You wake me up,


Tumare pranamo hok premamaya he.

O the love permeated One, let  my obeisance be unto you.



This transliteration is done based on Pushpadi’s recording.