Sri Sri Ma Anandamayi

Astottar Satanam

108 Mantras of Worship of Sri Sri Ma Anandamayi

1. Om Matre Namah

2. Om Hridayavasinyai Namah

3. Om Sanatanyai Namah

4. Om Anandamayai Namah

5. Om Bhuvana ujjalayai Namah

6. Om Jananyai Namah

7. Om Shuddhayai Namah

8. Om Nirmalayai Namah

9. Om Punyavistarinyai Namah

10. Om Rajrajeshwaryai Namah

11. Om Swahayai Namah

12. Om Swadhayai Namah

13 Om Gouryai Namah

14. Om Pranavarupinyai Namah

15. Om Saumyayai Namah

16. Om Saumyatarayai Namah

17. Om Satyayai Namah

18. Om Manoharayai Namah

19. Om Purnayai Namah

20. Om Paratparayai Namah

21. Om Ravishashi kundalayai Namah

22. Om Mahavyom kuntalayai Namah

23. Om Viswarupinyai Namah

24. Om Aishwarya bhatimayai Namah

25. Om Madhurya pratimayai Namah

26. Om Mahima manditayai Namah

27. Om Ramayai Namah

28. Om Manoramayai Namah

29. Om Shantyai Namah

30. Om Shantayai Namah

31. Om Kshamayai Namah

32. Om Sarva devamayai Namah

33. Om Sarva devimayai Namah

34. Om Sukhadayai Namah

35. Om Varadayai Namah

36. Om Bhaktidayai Namah

37. Om Jnanadayai Namah

38. Om Kaivalya dayinyai Namah

39. Om Vishwa prasavinyai Namah

40. Om Vishwa palinyai Namah

41. Om Vishwa samharinyai Namah

42. Om Bhaktapran rupayai Namah

43. Om Murtimatyai Namah

44. Om Kripayai Namah

45. Om Triloka tarinyai Namah

46. Om Karya karan bhutayai Namah

47. Om Bhedabhedatitayai Namah

48. Om Paramayai Namah

49. Om Paramadevatayai Namah

50. Om Vidyayai Namah

51. Om Vinodinyai Namah

52. Om Yogijana ranjinyai Namah

53. Om Bhavbhayabhanjinyai Namah

54. Om Mantra bijatmikayai Namah

55. Om Veda prakashikayai Namah

56. Om Nikhila vyapikayai Namah

57. Om Sagunayai Namah

58. Om Sarupayai Namah

59. Om Nirgunayai Namah

60. Om Nirupayai Namah

61. Om Mahabhavamayai Namah

62. Om Nirantarayai Namah

63. Om Gunamadhuryai Namah

64. Om Parayai Namah

65. Om Purnabrahmane Namah

66. Om Narayanayai Namah

67. Om Mahadevyai Namah

68. Om Padmanabhaya Namah

69. Om Kalyai Namah

70. Om Bhavatapa pranashinyai Namah

71. Om Anandaghana murtaye Namah

72. Om Sriyai Namah

73. Om Yajna atmikayai Namah

74. Om Puranpurushaya Namah

75. Om Nishkrodhayai Namah

76. Om Niragayai Namah

77. Om Ragadwesha vivarjitayai Namah

78. Om Ambayai Namah

79. Om Ambikayai Namah

80. Om Jagadambikayai Namah

81. Om Nirdoshayai Namah

82. Om Swabhavasthitayai Namah

83. Om Swakriyayai Namah

84. Om Swarasamritayai Namah

85. Om Mokshada duhitre Namah

86. Om Vipin duhitre Namah

87. Om Varalabdhayai Namah

88. Om Prema murtaye Namah

89. Om Bholanath bharyayai Namah

90. Om Sarvagayai Namah

91. Om Sahaj samadhi dhritayai Namah

92. Om Hemkanti vibhratyai Namah

93. Om Bhaktananda dayinyai Namah

94. Om Sharadindujita smitayai Namah

95. Om Kalpavriksh upamanayai Namah

96. Om Sharanagata vatsalayai Namah

97. Om Kleshapasha tarinyai Namah

98. Om Hridkamal virajitayai Namah

99. Om Ananda rupinyai Namah

100. Om Ananda datre Namah

101. Om Ananda vardhanyai Namah

102. Om Ananda dharinyai Namah

103. Om Sangitpriyayai Namah

104. Om Gururmatre Namah

105. Om Matri gurave Namah

106. Om Tirtha vasinyai Namah

107. Om Narayanyai Namah

108. Om Mahadevaya Namah

Hriday = heart, Vasini = She who resides

Sanatani = The Eternal one.

Anandamayee = Bliss permeated.

Bhuvan = Universe, Ujjala = One who illuminates.

Janani = She who gives birth.

Shuddhya = Pure.

Nirmala = Clear, Mal = Impurity

She who spreads virtue all around

Rajrajeshwari = Queen of queens.

Swaha = Mantra uttered while offering oblations to the sacrificial fire.

Swadha = Mantra uttered while offering to the departed predecessors or ancestors.

Gouri = Fair Complexion.

Pranav = OM, the audio representation of Brahman, the ultimate reality or the Supreme Being;Rupini = Representation

Saumya = Pleasing.

Saumyatara = Pleasing to a higher degree.

Satya = Truth.

Mana = Mind; Hara = One who steals.

Purna = Fullness.

Paratpara = Superior to the superior.

Ravi = The sun, Shashi = The moon,Kundala =Earring. Whose earrings are the sun and the moon

Maha = Great, Vyom = Sky, Kuntal = hair. The vast expanse of the sky are like her hair.

Viswa = The universe. Rupini = Assuming the form. Assuming all forms in the universe.

Aishwarya = Riches, Bhatima = Splendour.

Madhurya = Sweetness. Pratima = Image.

Mahima = Greatness / a divine power acquired by Yogis . Mandita = attributed with.

Rama = Consort of Lord Vishnu / pleasing.

Mana = The mind, Rama = Pleasing.

Shanti = Peace.

Shanta = Peaceful / composed.

Kshama = forgiveness.

Sarva all, Devamayi = Abode of gods.

Sarvadevimayi = Abode of all goddesses.

Sukh = Happines, da = One who offers. One who offers happiness.

Var = Boon. Varada = One who offers boons.

Bhakti = Devotion, Bhaktida = one who provides devotional mentality.

Jnana= Knowledge / Wisdom. Jnanada = One who gives wisdom. Kaivalya = Eternal emancipation or final beatitude, Dayini = one who gives.

Vishwa = Universe; Prasavini = Birth giver.

Palini = One who looks after / sustainer.

Samharini = destroyer.

Bhakta = Devotee; Pran = Life force; Rupa = Form. As a form of the life force of the devotees.

Murtimati = One who takes the form of the image.

Kripa = Grace.

Trilok = Three worlds: heaven, earth and the nether region. Tarini = Rescuer.

Karya = Actions; Karan = Cause, Bhuta = Inner Principle.

Bhed = Differentiation, Abhed = Non differentiation, Atita = beyond.

Parama = The ultimate.

Parama devata = The ultimate God.

Vidya = Learning / wisdom.

Vinodini = Gratifier.

Yogijana = The yogis, Ranjini = Amusing.

Bhav = World, Bhaya = fear, Bhavabhaya = Worldly fear. Bhanjini = Dispeller.

Mantra = Divine syllable/ sound, Bija = seed. Atmika = Self same / Inner spirit of the seed of mantra.

Veda = The vedas. Prakashika = Revealer.

Nikhil = Universe, Vyapika = Pervader / encompassing.

Saguna = One with qualties/ attributes.

Sarupa = One with definite form.

Nirguna = One with no attributes.

Nirupa = One with no form.

Maha = Great, bhava = Inner disposition.

Nirantara = Ever present.

Guna = Quality: Madhuri = Sweetness.

Para = The ultimate reality.

Purna = Full / totality:Brahman = The supreme reality.

Nara = Human, Ayan = Abode. Narayana = The ultimate Lord whose abode is the human heart.

Mahadevi = The supreme Goddess.

Padma = Lotus. Nabhi = Navel. Padmanabh = Lord Vishnu sleeping on the Serpent bed on the Causal fluid. A lotus came out of His navel and Brahma the Lord of Creation is sitting on the lotus . (Once Ma identified herself with Lord Padmanabha)

Kali = A form of the supreme Goddess.

Bhava = world. Tapa = the heat of Sufferings. Pranashini = Destroyer / Dispeller.

Ananda = Bliss, Ghana = Concentrated. Murti = image.

Shri = The goddess Laxmi / prosperity.

Yajna = Offerings in the fire in the name of the gods, Atmika = the inner principle.

Puran = The old scriptures written in verse by the sage Vyasa. There are 18 puranas and 18 sub-puranas. The ultimate Being described by all puranas.

Ni = No. Krodh = Anger.

Ni = No. Raga = attachment / likings.

Raga = liking, Dwesha = dislikings, Vivarjita = without / shaken off.

Amba = The goddess mother.

Ambika = The mother goddess Durga.

Jagat = World; Ambika = Mother goddess.

Ni = no, Dosha = Vice/ disqualfications.

Swa = self, Bhava = Inner state. Sthita = One who rests in.

Swa = self, Kriya = Action. Her actions are She herself.

Swa = Self, Rasa = juice, Amrit = Nectar. She herself is the juice of Her nectar.

Mokshada = Name of Maís mother, Duhitri = Daughter,

Vipin = Name of her father, Duhitri = Daughter.

Vara = Boon from the Divine, Labdha = Attained, She came as a result of the boon granted to her grandmother by the goddess Kali. This temple is near her fatherís house in a village called Kasba now in Tripura, a few kilometers from her birthplace which is now in Bangladesh.

Prema = Love, Murti = image.

Bholanath = Name of her husband Shri Ramani Mohan Chakraborty. This name Bholanath was given to him by Ma. Bholanath is also the name of Lord Shiva. Bharya = wife.

Sarva = All, Sarvaga = one who goes all over. Her life was that of a traveller all over India.

Sahaja = Natural/ Perpetual. Samadhi = Total dissolution in the divine. Dhrita = Held. She was always in a state of Perpetual samadhi.

Hem = Gold, Kanti = Lustre. Vibhrati = Emanates. She who emanates a golden lustre.

Bhakta = devotee, Anandam = bliss, Da-ini = giver.

Sharad = Autumn, Indu = The Moon, jita = Conquerer, Smita = Smile. One whose Smile conquers the (beatitude of the) autumn Moon

Kalpa vriksh = Wish fulfilling tree. The Celestial tree that grants all wishes. Upaman = similar.

Sharan = Refuge, Agata = One who Comes, Vatsala = Kind /merciful. She is ever merciful to him who comes to take refuge in Her

Klesh = strife / pain, Pasha = Rope of bondage, Tarini = liberator.

Hridi = Heart, Kamal = Lotus, Virajita = Resident. One who resides in the lotus of the heart.

Ananda = bliss, Rupini = image.

Ananda = bliss, Datri = giver.

Ananda = bliss, Vardhini = One who adds to.

Ananda = bliss, Dharini = one who holds.

Sangit = Song, Priya = One who loves.

Guru = The mentor, Matri = Mother, She is mother as Guru.

Matri = Mother. She is Guru as mother.

Vasini = One who resides. The name Thirthavasini was given to her by Her grandmother after Her birth.

Narayani = The Consort (power) of Narayan.

Mahadeva = She who is the great Lord Herself.


Note-Most of the names are selected from Shree Shree Ma's prayers,meditation mantras, pranam mantras and arati hymns routinely used in Ashrams, written and prescribed by Bhaiji" (Swami Mounananda Parvat-whose samadhi is in Almora) and other Venerable Elders of Shree Shree Ma's spiritual family, and are part of the standard literature on Ma.